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Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by amro, Oct 24, 2014.

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    I've been reading all the threads on 2012 vs 2014, and of course it's all a bit much. But here is my situation. I'm a Windows guy with iDevices (phones, tablets, tv). Would like to delve into app development and simply decide if I can live with Mac OS.

    It appears I get the most bang for the buck, if I get a 2012. Best Buy and other retail stores tend to have the MD388LL/A (2.3G i7, 4G RAM, 1TB HD) at $750. If I upgrade to 16G and some sort of SSD, that gets me near a grand.

    One question about the SSD is TRIM. Did I read that you lose TRIM if you install your own SSD? A little confused about that.

    Of course, I could go with the new one with the 256G PCIe SSD or 1TB fusion drive and stick with 8G. If it turns out I really like MAC OS, I might go MacBook Pro, anyway.
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