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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by boyd88, Mar 9, 2016.

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    i have a macbook pro which i purchased a year ago. i got a magazine guide which is a little complicated, my macbook really is wasting away as i am doing very little with it. my local stormfront shop does a years course for £75 where you can take in your apple device and they help you with it. does this seem like a good idea to you guys or is all the info i need on these forums with you guys? via youtube videos etc?

    where all my photos are stored really confuses me and now my albums are a bit messed up or photos not even in albums.

    don't even have a clue how to set up iCloud or have my mac, iPad, iPhone and wifes iPhone all linked and together! if anyone has the time and patience get in touch! no worries if not ill get to the shop lol
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    If you're using the Photos app, they're all stored in the Photos Library in Pictures. To see the contents, right click and choose Show Package Contents. Important Safety Tip - don't add/delete/screw with anything under Show Package Contents.
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    I fail to understand why your MB is wasting away; Just start using it. The MB is very intuitive, but you have to use it to learn it. Google and youtube are your friends, and of course here.

    I got my MB a year ago, and have continually used it, and love it. Of course I got help through Google, Youtube, and here for certain things, but the best way to learn it it to actually use it.

    Bottom line: just like riding a bike, you can watch others ride all day long, but you won't learn to ride until you actually work at it.

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    You should start by spending 10$ on a "Macs for beginners" or "Photos for beginners" book. Youtube is a good alternative.
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    "Seeing" the contents is kind of pointless, and probably trouble in the making for someone not very computer saavy. He just needs to know that his photos are stored in the app called Photos, and that the app keeps them inside a library in his Pictures folder, which he should not mess with or delete.
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    Find some good youtube tutorials and take it one step at a time. You'll get there! Congratulations on your purchase and good luck!
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    Check your local Apple store, the have classes on using the Mac and they are free.

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