new to macs, new to weird noises

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by fernando.kreutz, Mar 28, 2010.

  1. fernando.kreutz macrumors member


    Mar 28, 2010
    Hey all.

    Before anyone say me to use google or the search tool, be aware i've already used it.... thanks.

    I'm brazilian, and as a few of you might know, apple products here were extremely expensive some time ago, but now just less extremely expensive, so, thanks god, i'm playing with a mac now.

    May mac is a macbook pro 5,3... 15.4 inches, 2.66ghz, and so on.

    My topic here is about some weird noises that it is delivering to me.
    I'm not rich so my first experience with any apple product was 1 year and a half ago, when i bought my first ipod (nano generation 3 8gb), then i bought a ipod touch 8gb, and some months ago the mac. I really do appreciate the design and the final product quality... a "almost" plastic-less product.

    So my first complaint about it, is the lonely plastic part down the display that chronicaly makes a noise when you press it. It is almost ok, just need to leave my finger far from that place.

    My second, is about the hinge. I makes some (just not to say a lot) cracking noises, with them, it doesn't look like a 3200 dollars laptop (yeah, converting it to dollars, thats how much i payed por it). I was mis-judging my old hp dv2000 laptop, because it was making some cheap plastic noises, but, i got my hands in an aluminum laptop that makes even more weird noises... come on..

    Another thing, is the general noises, not the fans, or the hard drive, or the psycotic noises that the superdrive makes, but.... casing noises...
    when i watched the "videos about the futuristic super, hiper, mega revolutionary strong and rigid unibody case", i really thought that it will be as quiet as an rigid and solid thing, but noooo, it makes noises too! I, with my little mind, think that those noises (that show up usually when you'll move it or when you press it a little more [leave your hand near the keyboard, for exemple]) happen because the different levels of "expansion" of the aluminum during the heat stress.

    Maybe i'm just neurotic but i dont think so.... but what really piss me off (aside that the display moves with a little wind) are the weird, enbarassing, cheap hearing like noises that it makes while closing/opening the lid.

    And... just to share this another stuff.... do you like the wires that features the power supply that comes with this laptop? i hate them... they look so fragile..... and they get dirty so easy... forget it....

    thanks for reading this, liking what i shared, or hating me for this...

  2. anthongy817 macrumors newbie

    Mar 11, 2010
    With most, if not all, plastic will flex and that is the nature of it.

    I have no problems with casing noise at all. It does not flex nor have any sort of noise under "normal" usage. And I doubt the the macbook gets anywhere hot enough to expand the aluminum body.

    Possibly the hinge on your macbook is defective.

    The wire is basically the same as all the other Apple products and I have no complaints at all. I just love the compact built-in power brick. I loathed having to lug the colossal bricks on other manufactures.
  3. eddieddu macrumors newbie

    Nov 1, 2008
    Do not expect too much from apple notebooks. The unibody looks nice but is mechanical and functional not that spectacular related to the price. Aluminium is prone to scratches, the hinges tent to be too weak, dust flows between screen and keyboard because the lid not always closes exactly.

    If it's brand new that noises shouldn't appear. If you have a chance to visit an apple store do it as fast as possible. If you don't do it within a short period of time after delivery they tend to claim it comes from your handling of the device.
  4. fernando.kreutz thread starter macrumors member


    Mar 28, 2010
    Thanks for responses.

    Well, going to a apple store, is impossible, since in my hole country have 2 or 3, that are waaay far from me. I know it should not be doing those noises, but, as sooo many people reported them, specially on the hinge, i can imagine that it is a engeneering issue, as it is soo weak and open and closes so easly. What i noticed today is that the noises on the hinge, just get alive when it is hot, so.... not to much to do about it. I will try contacting apple over e-mail or phone, to get an ideia of how this thing can be fixed and how long it can takes.

    About the dust that comes into it because it is never well closet, i figured out that it happens because of the magnetic "keep closed" system. They designed it with just one magnet that even is not in the middle, it is located in the right part of the screen, so it should have anoher one in the left part to keep it closed correctly.


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