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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by funkynassau, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. funkynassau macrumors newbie

    Jul 31, 2007
    I have 3 PCs and a friend gave me an older iBook, 700 mhz, with a wireless card in it. My PCs are hooked up wirelessly with a D Link router, all works as it should.

    The iBook keeps asking for a password when I go to the Network section and try to get online. It does see my router, I can tell that much, but it keeps asking for this password that I dont have. My PCs didnt require a password when I set up their wireless access so I didnt assign one.

    The person I got it from is a certified Apple tech, he does not live near me so I cant take it over to him. We've been emailing and by all accounts it ought to work except for the password problem. My D Link disk does not work in the iBook. If I plug the iBook into my router, it will go online, so it's certainly capable.

    The IP address on the iBook starts with 169. My PCs all start with 198. Is this part of the problem? I cant seem to add a new IP address but that might not solve it anyway.

    Can anyone help me get past this need for a password? I am brand new to Macs so please dont be laughing at me too hard! I just dont know what to do.

  2. Ninja Guidan macrumors regular

    Sep 30, 2005
    Do you have any type of security set up on the router (WEP, WPA, etc.)? If so, that's the password it's looking for...your WEP/WPA key. You may have to go in the network settings and tell it what kind of security it is (WEP/WPA/etc.) then enter the key.
  3. funkynassau thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jul 31, 2007
    Thanks! The phrase "security key" was what I needed. I had that written down on the folder for the router cd, and there was a space to include a password and I left that blank, as per it's instructions. So when the iBook wanted a password, that's what I was looking for, not equating it with a security key...all so simple when you know how :eek:

    Thanks for the quick reply and help,

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