New to Mobile Me - having to delete email 3 times? Oh and Find my iPhone?

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    I decided to purchase Mobile Me yesterday at the discounted rate with the iPhone, and have a bit of a headache over it. Had issues with duplicate contacts and duplicate iCal entries. Managed to somehow get over all this. However, what is really annoying me is mail.

    My setup is a macbook pro, iphone 4 and ipad. When receiving a new email, all three devices receive the message, which is what should happen. However, I will then have to delete the email three time (once for each device). Surely I should be able to just delete it once, say on my iphone, and it be deleted across the other devices automatically. What's going wrong?

    kind of regretting getting Mobile Me....all the syncing seems to have messed up my contacts, ical and mail.

    Edit: Also, quick one regarding Find my iPhone. Have this installed on my iPhone and iPad. Just playing around and realised you can quite easily delete the application which prevents the owner finding the iPad/iPhone. Surely it should ask for a password or something before deleting the application??
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    The app is not required to locate that device through MobileMe. It's just there so you can access the functionality of that aspect of MM and locate one of your other devices without browser access from your desktop/laptop.

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