New to MobileMe, Questions about multple emails and contacts

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    Jul 14, 2009
    Hello all! New to MobileMe here, actually new to Macs also ( got my first MBP last week ) ok i have 2 questions that i need help with.

    1 is about emails. I have 3 gmail accounts. Now i have setup all 3 accounts to forward all email to

    Ok all my emails show up on my iphone and pushed fine, now, when i go to REPLY i have outgoing server set to MYEMAIL#1, but if i get an email say from account number 2 or 3 and i go to reply, it will send it as MYEMAIL#1, is there anyway to set it so that if i receive an email from say EMAIL#2 and i hit REPLY it will send it automatically send it from EMAIL#2 rather then always having to hit that CC and select which account i want to send from?

    Because at times i will send it and totally forget to select which account to send from. So someone will email me at EMAIL2 but i will reply and forget and it will send from EMAIL1, catch me?

    Hope i didnt confuse anyone there?

    Also, i am on a 60 day trial and i read everywhere about losing your contacts if you cancel your mobieMe account. I want to SYNC contacts ( iphone and MBP ) but i am afraid if i cancel when the 60 days is up i will lose all my phonebook entries. Is this problem still around? and if so, how can i avoid it?

    At the moment i am NOT syncing contacts for the reason


    ( sorry i am a noon to MM and Macs so go easy on me please! ) lol
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    Have you considered just using the Google ActiveSync (Exchange) which has Push for Email, Contacts, Calendar.

    As far as MM, I believe you can point to the Google SMTP Server and let it set the From Email Address. I have not tested but I think you can have Google use a From Address based who sent the email.

    You can't change the SMTP Server for MM Web Interface but you can from the iPhone or other mail clients.

    Please let us know if this works for you.

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