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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by Enny5, Nov 20, 2012.

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    Apr 21, 2010
    Hi guys i m hawing hard time choosing a monitor here for some color work nothing big just personal projects. I also purchased i1display pro and i have narrow down my choice of monators in $600 range. I will be using this monitor for some color grading for personal projects using FCP nothing broadcast just web. Here are the monitors i have chosen if you can tell me what would beor which one is the best of them all what would you chose?

    thanks guys for help

    1- EIZO Eizo ColorEdge CE240W 24 this monitor is 5 years old and i can get it for 200 is it worth it
    Link -

    2- Dell UltraSharp U2410

    3- Nec P241W Link

    4-NEC MultiSync LCD2490WUXi2 Link- i have also red that i1desplay does not work with this monitor since nec has placed restrictions is this corect?
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    I haven't used all of the monitors you've listed, but I'm sure that others will agree with me when I say that Dell makes fantastic monitors. So, that gets my vote.
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    I have a Dell Ultrasharp and love it. However, I stopped recommending them as their current anti-reflective technology results in a very noticeable sparkling effect when reading text on a light background. Look at the reviews and you'll see many complaints about it.

    If you were working on photography or video, I wouldn't worry about it. But since you're working on websites, that could be bad.
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    I have Apple's 24 inch LED Cinema Display and it does the job for me. You can also get the 27 inch(non-thunderpants). The 24 inch LED CD is a really nice monitor for the money. Most can be had now for under 300 bucks.

    The other plus is the fact it has built in isight. For those who have a G5 or G4, You will require the MDP-DVI adapter from Atlona or from Kanex on Other World Computing. That way, you can use the LED 24 OR 27 on PowerPC macs as well.

    Mac Pro and iMac don't require the adapter, as they already support MDP.
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    On the NEC front I can tell you the i1 pro will work fine with it. The 2490 though has been end of line for about 2 years. Could you stretch to a PA241 as it has a better quality panel than the P241 (IPS with wider colour space). If not then go for a slightly smaller screen like the P232 or Eizo CG223.
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    Aug 5, 2012
    Dell 2713HM Monitor

    Link to Dell's 2713HM monitor: Costco sale ends 11/25, AnandTech review.
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