New to networking and need advice and help!

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    Sep 7, 2013
    Hi everyone i would like to say thank you first not only for helping me with this problem but also all other useful information i have found on this site.

    I have just bought a few new mac products and would really like to just network everything together (btw if there are certain things that can't be done please just tell me).

    1 x Macbook Pro old(Used only for work(MYOB) needs to always be syned with PC)
    1 x Macbook Pro new
    2 x iPad
    1 x mini iPad
    1 x iPod Touch
    1 x iPhone
    1 x AppleTV
    1 x Airport Time Capsule (Not setup)

    1 x Desktop PC (Used only for work(MYOB))
    1 x HP wireless printer

    I'm running a ADSL+ connection with dynamic IP, is it possible to assign all my products its own IP? My modem/router is Technicolor TG587n v3.

    Can i use the Airport time capsule as my router for all my gear and then use the Technicolor for friends/family who come over?

    I also want to be able to access the PC and one of the Macbook pro remotely, whats the best way to keep it secure from other people.

    I also have a external media player with movies etc. is it possible to have that connected to time capsule so i can watch movies on my TVs in different rooms. Btw there a two main TVs i would like to do this on but if i could also do it in my bedroom it would be great.

    I have read from a few other topics that its a good idea to also backup important info onto another external drive just incase something happens to the TC. In a few months i will also be adding a Sonos system to the house to run a multi-room speaker setup. The Sonos system alone will have 3-4 units that will either need connection wireless/ethernet.

    My house has ethernet ports in the family room, master bedroom, movie room and they all come from the office.

    Again thank you for your time and i realise that some of the things i'm asking for might not even work but any help would be great.
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    ...A start.

    Congratulations on all your great old and new Apple products :)

    If it were me I'd at least start like this:

    Get all your devices on the latest OS and IOS you can. Install Microsoft Office 2011, Lever iCloud. And take a look at Sugarsync to complement Time machine for syncing data and disaster recovery. And consider iTunes Match and Apple TV
    The result will be most of your media and data virtualized giving you universal secure access locally and remotely.

    That said.... you caould start by

    1. Try, if you can to upgrade the DSL. So slow!

    2. Replace the Technicolor with the TC.
    a. Configure the "guest network" feature.
    b. Configure Time machine.

    3. Microsoft Office has Remote Desktop included to access your PC

    4. If you visualize using iTunes Match and apple tv's you should take care of most of your media needs.

    5. Use Physical connections when ever possible :)

    Directly and indirectly I hope that solves the requirements that you laid out!

    Good luck.
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    Apple Airport station lets you set up 2 wifi networks, one for you, and one for visitors (they won't access anything on your network).

    There are many ways to remotely access your computers. You might want to look at logmein, or other services.

    Audio system has nothing to do with backing up.

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