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    Hey guys, I've been a word user for years, and decided to save a few bucks by switching to pages. Last night I was working on a paper, but came across a few things I didn't know how to do.

    1: Spell check. In word, you could always hit the nice "ABC CHECK" icon and it would pull up an external window that would show you the words you misspelled in order. Is there such a feature in pages? Or, do I have to scroll through the document myself and hunt down all the squiggles?

    2: Removing hyperlinks. Word=right click, and choose "Remove Hyperlink". Pages???

    That's it for now. I'll be back with some more soon!
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    1.) Edit - Spelling - Spelling or cmd+:
    2.) View - Show Inspector or cmd+opt+I then:

    Picture 1.png
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    From the Pages User Guide.
    Here are ways to find misspelled words:

    To check spelling as you type, choose Edit > Spelling > Check Spelling as You Type.
    To turn off spell checking as you type, click Edit > Spelling > Check Spelling as You Type
    to deselect it (make sure the checkmark is not visible next to the menu command).

    To check spelling from the insertion point to the end of the document, click to place
    the insertion point and choose Edit > Spelling > Check Spelling. To limit spell checking
    to a specific part of the document, select the text you want to check before choosing
    the command.
    The first misspelled word found is highlighted. You can correct it or choose the same
    menu command again to continue checking the document.
    To go through the text more quickly, press Command-semicolon (;) to continue
    checking the document.

    To check spelling and view suggestions for misspelled words, choose Edit > Spelling >
    The Spelling window opens, and you can use it as “Working with Spelling Suggestions”
    I would also suggest right clicking (control click) on the button bar and see if you can customize, then see if there is a spell check button you can add.


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