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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by wolfpackfan, Dec 26, 2010.

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    Okay, from my other thread and also from Apple Support it looks like my old Panasonic HDTV isn't going to work with my new ATV2. So, I may go out and buy a new TV. I had been wanting one of the new thin screens plus I would like to eventually get some kind of Home Theatre sound system to go with it. I am only looking at a 32 inch screen because the room where we have our TV is kind of small. I've looked at Best Buy and I'm thinking LCD rather than LED. But do I want 1080p or just 720p? I don't have a Blu Ray player and don't think I will be getting one. I am much more interested in being able to view Netflix and content I purchase from iTunes Store. Any recommendations on brand? Thanks for any advice. I hadn't planned on buying a new TV when I asked wife to get my ATV2 for Christmas, but heck I've had our current TV for five years now and would like something a little better. Next problem will be how to get my current TV out of den and what to do with it - it is very, very heavy. May have to get my brother to help move it.
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    I would suggest getting LED and 1080p. Not because the picture will be better than a LCD/720p, but because manufacturers tend to put the better hardware in their upper tier models. Just about all manufacturers are putting LED/1080p in their higher end models.

    So if you want better build quality, you're gonna have to step up to the higher end features.

    As for brands, depends on how much you want to spend. If you're budget allows, get a Samsung, Sony, Panasonic or Sharp. I've also heard good things about Vizio, plus they tend to cost less.

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