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Dec 22, 2011
I purchased a new 64GB WiFi+Cellular iPad Mini directly from Apple UK.

I am now spending a couple of weeks in the US. I go back and forth fairly frequently.

With my iPad (3rd Gen), also purchased from the UK Apple Store, I pop in an AT&T SIM, buy 3GB of data, and happily use the iPad on AT&T's cellular network while in the US.

I have just tried doing the same thing with my new iPad Mini. Stopped into an AT&T store, got a nano-SIM, popped it in, and -- "This device is not supported". I went online to ATT's SIM registration page, put in the IMEI number, and... based on the IMEI number of the iPad Mini, this device is not supported.

I spent some time talking with AT&T tech support, and they don't know what to do because their internal systems say the IMEI is not supported.

I have spoken with Apple tech support, and they don't believe there should be any problem, but it's up to the carriers to offer support...

Now, I don't expect LTE to work. I would, however, expect 3G & maybe 4G HSDPA/HSDPA+ to work. But maybe not. Is the cellular hardware in the new Mini so very very different?

I have just now had an AT&T supervisor tell me definitively he does not expect an iPad Mini bought in the UK to work on their network.

UPDATE Friday the 21st of December:
I walked into a T-Mobile shop and asked for a nano-SIM for the iPad Mini. The nice lady said, "Sure! You want pay-as-you-go?" We popped in a SIM, I subscribed to the (minimum) 5GB for $50, and it works! About 9Mbps down, 800kbps up on '3G'.

So an iPad Mini, purchased in the UK, is supported nicely by T-Mobile in the US.

But not AT&T.
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Nov 2, 2007
Thanks you're a life saver had been trying to get it to work on AT&T and found out it couldn't work had given up didn't think to try other networks. tThe guys at the apple store didn't tell me that other networks might work good old Mac forums to the rescue again!
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