New user - couple of questions


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Jun 1, 2006
I've just took delivery this morning of my 20" iMac and I'm extermely pleased with it too having at last finished downloading all the updates.

I've just installed the TvMini that I bought with it and downloaded the latest update for that too. However its left 2 icons on the desktop and with me being completely new to Macs and OS X I'm not sure what to do. One says "EyeTV 2.2.1 Update" and looks like an external drive (doing getInfo on it, Kind = Volume) whilst the other one says "eyetv221update.dmg" which getInfo says is a disk image.

Now that I have the updates installed can I delete these from the desktop?

Should I burn them to disc in case I have to reinstall in the future and if so do I need both of them?


mad jew

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Apr 3, 2004
Adelaide, Australia
Welcome to Macs. :)

You can back them up if you like but I never bother. Otherwise, you can drag them both to the Trash and empty it. FWIW, they're actually the same file but the white one is a mounted version of the grey one.

Most OSX apps are installed this way. You download a DMG, mount it, drag the app icon from the mounted drive into your Applications folder, and drag the two files on your Desktop into the Trash. :)