New Verizon iPhone 5--cannot get it to activated

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by MacAir47, May 22, 2013.

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    After contemplating about purchasing a new smart phone as an upgrade from my iPhone 4, I decided to buy one since I could not wait another 3 to 6 months when Apple decides to release the next model. Therefore, I decided to buy an iPhone 5.

    I ordered it on May 17th through Apple, and I thought everything went okay with my order. I finally received my iPhone 5 yesterday, but I cannot get it to activate.

    I called Verizon Wireless, and the representative said that the IMEI/MEID number was never given to them from Apple. She did see that my SIM card number was there though. She also mentioned that my order from Apple was still pending on their system, and that is why I could not get this iPhone 5 to activate.

    She had to take down all the information about my iPhone such as the serial number, ICCID, and the IMEI/MEID into their system. She said this will take about 24 hours to fix, and she will call me tomorrow and talk me through to get my iPhone to be activated on their network.

    This is such a hassle. Why did Apple not give Verizon this information when I ordered it? I think the next time I order an iPhone I will get it from Verizon because I think it will be a lot easier than going through Apple.

    Has anyone else experienced this from Apple? If the representative cannot get it work, should I take it back to Apple for an exchange or through Verizon?

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    Sounds like a simple mistake on apple's side. I'm not making excuses for them, but just stating the obvious. What if you return the phone for a new one, would that correct the issue?
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    I have kind of the same problem. Bought a iphone 5 from a friend who said he used at&t. Phone was working fine when I got it I restored it now it won't accept any sim cards. I looked at the imei# and it begins with 99 so i thought it was a sprint phone. Contacted sprint and they said it's not in their database. Contacted all the other carriers(att, tmobile, verizon) and they all said the same thing the iphone is not in their database. I talked to apple on the phone for 35 minutes and in their records the iphone is a sprint one and they told me there's nothing they can do...
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    Restore it in DFU mode. Will bypass activation screen and allow carrier to activate without iTunes.
  5. MacAir47, May 23, 2013
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    I finally got my iPhone 5 activated by a Verizon Wireless representative named Bianca. She told me to turn off my iPhone 5 while she puts in the request to activate it. Once that was done, I was told by Bianca to turn off my iPhone 4, so my iPhone 5 can be activated.

    I followed her instructions, and at first it did not work until I hit the power button. After that, the activation finally worked.

    However, I am experiencing a problem with my Verizon Wireless account saying that my iPhone 5 is still not activated. Yet, I see that the LTE is showing on the iPhone 5 screen. I am going to have call them again tomorrow morning to see what the problem is this time. I wish that they made this simple and easy to do, but I am going through such an ordeal that it makes so frustrating.


    P.S.: How do I enter DSU mode? I found some videos on Youtube that explain it, but I am still not sure that this will do anything helpful.
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    if the phone works, don't worry about what the website shows. that could take a little bit to show up. If the phone works, you're fine.

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