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    Sep 3, 2012
    Hey Guys

    We are thrilled to announce the release of the latest version of the most secure vault to your personal information, be it passwords, internet accounts, IDs, bank details, confidential documents or secret pictures.

    Check out – oneSafe 2.0.2!!

    So, what are the highlights of this new version?

    iCloud Synchronization
    First we've re-engineered a large part of oneSafe's backend to make the application safer, faster and still more reliable. As a consequence, you will now experience the best in terms of iCloud synchronization.

    The New Backup: how-to never loose any information
    You can now backup any section of your safe, the "local" section as well as the iCloud section.
    Besides, you can still export your backup via your local private Wi-Fi network, but also use iTunes File Sharing or even send a secure backup file by email.

    Break-in Report
    You now have the capability to monitor attempts to break-into your safe. Simply activate the option in the settings and oneSafe will automatically take a photo of anyone trying to enter into your safe with a wrong passcode.

    Decoy Safe
    In case you need to dissemble the real content of your safe, you now have a decoy area that you can use exactly as the normal area but with a different password and fake content.

    To share the excitement we have promo codes of oneSafe 2.0.2 for you!!
    Get them at -

    To learn more about the oneSafe:
    • App Store link:
    • oneSafe web site:
    • Video demo:
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    I still hope there's a mac app! :D

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