New Vespa LX or S - from where?


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Feb 24, 2008
London City
Well I am thinking of buying a new Vespa LX, or Vespa S (havent decided which yet). This is in the UK by the way.

There are a couple of authorised dealers offering the bike for the same price as they are online on vespas website, was just wondering if anyone had any other tips on buying? How about second hand? Obviously something with less than 7000km on the clock I guess, although dont know.

Any ideas?


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Jun 12, 2006
Anyway, just post a thread in the community discussion section here on Macrumors.

or Mods, please move to community discussion section, thanks.

Speaking about Vespa, I saw the 2011 300 GTS today.


278cc engine and pretty big frame size. It doesn't look like the previous Vespas I have seen but it looks like their most ambitious vehicle to date.


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Jun 28, 2003
Yeah thanks for the sarcasm :rolleyes: posted here because there was no where else.
You're right! There's no other place, either on MacRumors or the whole internet, that's more appropriate to post a thread about Vespas than the "Buying Tips" section of the "Apple Hardware" forum on Not one!

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