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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Soura2112, Oct 18, 2009.

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    I am looking at new video camera, hi def of course but not too big, they are a tad expensive at the moment. So I am thinking of getting one thats about the size of my older Sony MiniDV (palm size I guess). I use final cut and recently all projects are simply for fun, but every once in a while I do some pro stuff so I would like great clarity. My only problem is these new cameras seem to lack a Firewire. I do not have the new Final Cut but from what I have read its still Firewire, I may certainly be wrong. I have used other cameras, using the extra steps but I am used to Firewire and love the way it works. So my question is are there some good "palm" size cameras (I have a big hand though) that run Hi def and use a firewire. Or is there something new to transfer non firewire cameras into Final Cut via USB?
    Thanks, I have been behind on new Final Cut and video equipment, sadly humbling!
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    What's your budget and define "palm sized". Do you mean something really tiny like a consumer camera (ex. canon hv20) or a handheld prosumer camera (like a Sony EX-1_)? If you want to use FW you'll be looking for an HDV camera.

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    Last week I posted the camera below; has its own dock so you can hook it up via, USB/Firewire. Works with Final Cut Pro right out of the box in AVCHD mode. So far the manual controls have been stellar. The video light is a nice addition and helps in those indoor shoots. I put a Canon Wide Angle Converter on it to help with tight spaces. The 120GB will give you 15 hours record time. The included battery runs over 2 hours...

    Hope this helps

    Just purchased this camera 10/16; JVC GZ-HD40

    Reasons for the Purchase:

    HD with 1/3 CMOS Imager
    120GB Internal Drive - 15 Hours AVCHD XP Mode - 10 Hours MPEG2 HD
    Microphone Input
    Headphone Output
    Shoe Mount
    Video Light
    HDMI/USB/AV Connections
    43mm Threaded lens for wide angle and tele's
    10x Optical
    Compatible with iMovie and Final Cut Pro
    Dock with Firewire

    The option to add-on accessories such as lenses, microphones and with the ability to monitor audio. Also there are a host of manual controls to fine tune the image of the camera.

    Priced at just under $549
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    you're probably looking for what lethal wolf advised you; HDV. The 3rd reply says something about AVCHD. Those are files you can import with FCP. FCP will convert these files (I believe automatically) in AIC (apple intermediate codec) because it's more editing friendly (AVCHD is very compressed and therefore ask a lot of your processor, so apple decided to always convert it too AIC, with iMovie and FC).

    With HDV, you have the same workflow as with normal DV. Connect the camera with firewire, play the tape and let FCP record.

    Our school uses the HV20, but personally I wish they had something like the sony Z1. I find it fun (I don't know if you find it fun too) too play around with focus and zoom. And that it is more manually done with physic controllers and such. You don't have that with the HV20, only something to focus (and you can even add that with fcp with blur). So do you want freedom to do a lot manually, or do you want to set everything up in the camera's digital menu?

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