New Videographer and dad


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Jun 2, 2006
I just bought a panasonic 3ccd mini dv camcorder at Bestbuy. I am having a problem with finding the best way to perserve and edit movies that look great. I have a graphics design back ground and this is different than print. What is the best program that I can use with little skill and even less time to accomplish making new dvds of my one year old?
Any help?


Jun 18, 2004
I started using iMovie and can't think that anybody with limit knowledge and humble goals will need anything more.

One thing though is to be prepared for how long editing all that footage you shoot is going to take. To end up with something you'll actually want to watch AND show people it takes forever editing clips together. Especially when what you've shot is quite random rather than being shot to a plan like a movie with a story board.

The other thing is to appreciate how important the sound is to a recording. A lot of my video ends up with me replacing the audio with something from iTunes. I've heard it's a good idea to get an external mic and record wearing headphones but then that brings up the other issue.

Being a new Dad don't forget to enjoy your child growing and remember to watch and interact with them every now and then rather than watch them grow-up through the viewfinder.