new vs old iMac questions.


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Feb 18, 2003
Hello all,
A couple of questions...

I am in desparate need of a new computer to finish a project at the end of the month, as my venerable Pismo has packed up (screen gave up).

I was hoping that new Tiger-compliant iBooks would be out in time, as they hit the price-point I was looking at, but sadly this does not seem to be the case.

I have considered the 12" PBs, but I am most likely going to buy an iMac instead. It is a carefully-considered compromise. Since I am no longer a student, I no longer need the continued portability of a laptop, but I will lug the iMac around to work occasionally (free wireless). My old art-school bag has the dimensions to fit an iMac of either size comfortably, and currently weighs 29lbs (I put in on a scale) with all it's art supplies, so the weight issue is covered.

On to the point:

I am somewhat torn as whether to buy a new (rev b) iMac or an older iMac, refurbished or closeout. On Apple's website, a 20" rev a iMac can be had for $1399 (1.8ghz, SD), or a 17" for $999 (1.8", SD) - both which seem like great deals.

I do not care so much about the improved gpu in the new iMacs, as I do about the wireless and bluetooth options. Did the old iMacs have any of this standard? (esp. the 20") How difficult (and elegant) is it to add these features after purchase? Would this negate any price savings?

I have had trouble finding out any info regarding these questions, so I ask you fine folks for advice. Thanks in advance.

Any other comments would also be appreciated.

James Philp

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Mar 5, 2005
Sorry to throw you off, but I'd go for a PB.
I also have a Pismo - still going strong!
I bought a iMac G4 1GHz a couple of years ago and you know what? - I prefer my PB for all but 10% of things.
Even in my room I use the iMac just to beam the internet to my beloved Pismo, and I surf in a nice comfy chair in front of the TV. I typed up my Master's paper (~10000 words) on my Pismo also, as if I needed to, I could take it on the train or whatever, and write a few hundred words or so. Even back home I'd write on the Pismo and stuff. The iMac stays in the corner and I have my music collection and photos on it (due to the not-too-spacious 11GB HD on the Pismo - soon (possibly) to be upgraded!).
I HATE surfing the internet and stuff sitting at the desk - I love being able to do it in bed or on the sofa etc.

I would recommend the 15"PB Superdrive if you can afford it, and If you can't save up - It's basically a desktop machine you can lug around easily.

Stick with the portability - you won't realize how much you loved it until it's gone!