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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by Hughey79, Jun 11, 2018.

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    Sep 19, 2017
    I’ve been on here roaming and have been an iphone user for years. First time going for a smart watch ever and just ordered the series 3 today. What is the first thing a new owner should do with it and anything tip wise one should know? Thanks. Not to worried about series 4 unless it can do something for diabetics then I will have missed the boat.

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    Jan 20, 2014
    I started by tinkering with the Clock faces (complications and whatnot) and setting my Activity goal where I wanted it. Also installed a few more utilitarian apps (the one that jumps out to me is Authy).
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    Apr 25, 2011
    Well, um, put it on your wrist... :D I think this is something you need to discover for yourself; people like different things and want to do stuff in their own way. But like, checking out the various settings in the accompanying iPhone app is probably a good idea, taking note of stuff like orientation and which wrist you like to wear it on (even though the watch is typically portrayed as being worn crown outwards on the left wrist, this is all completely configurable by the wearer.)

    Check out the dock (which you access by clicking the side button once) and how you can configure that one. You can let it be dynamic, showing your most recently used apps in the order you used it, or you can make it fixed so it always displays the same apps in the same order, with a space at the top for your most recent app.

    Also, check out the watchfaces, and how you can configure them. You can configure on the watch by force touching the watchface and store several at once and switch between them by swiping sideways also on the watchface. There's nifty shortcuts, like clicking the crown in an app brings you to the watchface, then double clicking crown will bring you back to your most recent app. Double clicking the side button activates apple pay (which you will need support for from your bank.) Double clicking crown activates Siri. Holding the side button for several seconds activates a prompt if you want to call your area's emergency number (112, 911 etc), and if you still keep holding it the watch will dial anyway (via your phone if you don't have LTE watch and no phone with you.)

    You can unlock the watch by unlocking your iphone, and/or by using an optional PIN passcode. It's a good idea to set a PIN tho, and I believe you can't use apple pay without having one. At least in prior watch OS versions, if you don't lock your watch at all anyone could nab it and use it as their own; if it still is like that you definitely want to secure it I would say. :)

    There's lots more stuff like that which you can bury yourself in once you start to get familiar with your new gadget. :)

    Oh, also... The pulse sensor. It requres skin contact to be (at its most) accurate, so you should wear the watch tight enough so it doesn't slip around (but not so tight it restricts blood flow and feels uncomfortable.) Slippage can also make it (stealthily! unfortunately...) lock itself while you wear it, which is a bummer because then it won't track your activity or give you alerts and notifications.
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    Jul 12, 2016
    Not to divert you to another website or dismiss from others opinions, but Apple has a lot of helpful tutorial videos on their website and YouTube. There are loads of little intricacies and shortcuts with the Apple Watch that you will find useful and helpful that many will never be able to fully disclose everything. I Find hands on videos are some of the best ways to learn things about new tech that you have never owned before.
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    Pretty sure it won't have and diabetes features

    So, for you, sounds like a good buy
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    Congrats! If you purchased one of the Nike versions, or don't care either way, you may consider reordering directly from Nike (if you didn't do so). They are offering 20% off right now.

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