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Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by angelwatt, Jun 27, 2008.

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    Aug 16, 2005
    I just read an article saying that there's going to be some changes when it comes to web address suffixes (e.g, .com, .org, etc). They're opening the door to creating custom suffixes (e.g., www.home.macrumors, http://malicious.spammers). The article does a pretty good job stating both the pros and cons of this change. I'm mildly excited about the pros, but frightfully worried about the cons. Namely this will make it much harder for day-to-day users to detect a malicious web URL, and it'll generally be harder to remember the URL.

    I'm very interested in hearing other web designers/developers thought on this news. It's definitely something to be aware of at the very least.

    New Flavors for Addresses on the Web Are on the Way ~ NY Times

    Guess I'll also have to update my regular expression for detecting URLs ;)

    Edit: Just read at MacWorld that the likely cost of buying a suffix will be in the 6-figure range ($100,000), which will reduce malicious possibilities by a little bit, and keep too many people from buying one.
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    Hmm... As you said, interesting and scary. I'm not sure I like it as far as the cons (both meanings) it will introduce. Especially if like you said, it causes uncertainty for the average end-user as to legitimacy of sites, scams, phishing, etc...
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    This really doesnt affect most developers because it will cost what a couple HUNDRED THOUSAND dollars for a custom domain extension?

    With that being said, I dont even care about domain names... pretty over rated anymore in the age of The Google! ;) FTW! :p

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