NEW WEB-PORTAL for iPhone developers - statistics (iTunes-light alternative)

Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by JoeC4dev, Mar 11, 2009.

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    Mar 11, 2009
    Are you interested in participating in Beta-testing of the "iPhone Developer Statistics" portal?

    This will give you access to the following functions:

    Currently available:
    - Top 100 Paid Applications (over all iTunes Stores)
    - Reviews of Your Applications
    - Searching/Filter over all stores, applications and reviews
    - Alerts (change notifications) on diverse events (app-ranking changes, changes in Top100, etc.)
    - automatically refreshing of web data
    - most wanted is for example a feature for searching TOP-selling "iPhone-Clones".

    In Development:
    - Great features for archiving and reporting Your iTunes-account-data (such as revenue) of your paid applications.
    Alerts (change notifications) are a MUST and will be SUPPORTED.
    - Top 100 Free Applications (over all iTunes Stores)
    - Top 100 New Applications (over all iTunes Stores)

    Feedback such as suggestions for improvement, critisism or feature requests are always welcome.

    New functionality can be added at will.

    Log on this website using the following URL:
    USE demo account (or get Your own user -> send me an email)

    When I find some users, which needed this portal, I will follow in development.
    Also: Otherwise, i will stop any further implementation and the server will be shutdown in the future.
    Please send me your feedback.

    I spent more work into the features then into the design of the portal, so
    design improvements will come in later versions.

    Thanks in advance,



    For creating Your own USER (login data) send me please an email:
    After this I will create an user for you.

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