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Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by CavemanUK, May 1, 2012.

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    Hi guys,

    A while ago I made a job database for the small business I work at. Im toying with the idea of re-making it from the ground up. Its mainly for fun but we do use it and its proved quite useful. I have some ideas about what i want to do and the possible ways to achieve it but wondered if you guys could give some input too and maybe point out problems i havent thought of.

    The technologies im using are mainly HTML5 and CSS5, Javascript, PHP and MySQL.

    The idea i have at the moment is to make a PHP backend API script that would handle all database requests and return XML data back. I was thinking of making the front end a single HTML file. The idea being that it could be cached or even opened locally to access the backend API. Im not sure this is the best idea?

    Security is the first concern. The old system i made relied on sessions and the fact that the site was private (blocked from google scraping etc). The likelihood of anyone coming across the site being very very low. it does have username/passwords encrypted in database etc. It also logged all access to the site.

    Ive never tried using SSL before but was thinking that SSL + Session data would be pretty safe to confirm the identity with the API?

    I want to make the site very IOS oriented with the layout looking and animating very much like a native app. I know there are frameworks i can use for this and i detect what client is being used easy enough. I wondered if people had any recomendations on frameworks?

    the other idea ive been thinking about (but not essential) is the ability to create new database entries (jobs) or edit data when a client is offline. Is there any guidelines to this type of thing? obvisouly theres issues with conflicts and syncing.

    i hope you guys can make sense of my ramblings... any thoughts or experiences in this would be awesome.

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    First of all read the top answer to the following question:

    it will give you links to lots of information regarding security of web applications. From what you said regarding the security methods that you used in the old application it sounds like you need to spend a long time sitting down reading about how to ensure your web applications are secure.

    As well as security it will also explain other general information required when building web applications. If you have any questions after reading that let me know :).
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    I certianly wouldn't use XML. You're just burdening your server and clients with overhead. Use JSON. It's lighter, and easier to consume from a Javascript client.

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