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Apr 12, 2001
Anonymous writes "At Ingram Micro's online database for resellers, the CD-RW iBook is already showing EOL (End Of Life) which seems really odd to me. These models were just introduced not too long ago. I wonder if there is a change in store for these or if they are pulling the CD-RW model? Just thought this was was very interesting considering how new they are. "
If true, this would perhaps go towards lending some credibility to the rumor of a larger-screened iBook, though any change to the iBook (aside from perhaps a small speedbump) this soon after its introduction seems so unlikely...


i thought apple decided not to offer the straight-up CDR model via the retail channel anymore, only at the apple store? this would explain the EOL tag. As you may recal initially this was the deal with the Combo iBook, but they switched it with the CDR model because of the combo popularity.

just my 2¢



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Jul 12, 2001
This is the case as I know it. I've run across this rumor many times about the CD-R iBook. I too remember Apple publicly stating that they were only going to sell that model through the Apple Store and sell the combo drive through retail which was unavailable prior to this change. I think it is too soon for Apple to change the iBook anyway with they have so many other areas to push at the moment, i.e. desktop models.


CDR iBook

the above posts are probably the case, but perhaps there is a plan to stop production of the CDR iBook in favor of the combo model??

a bit like pulling the 677MHz G4...

just a thought...


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Jul 12, 2001
the above are true.
apple decided to yank the cdrw from the online retail world in favor of the more popular than expected combo drive.
this in way supports the son of pismo myth!


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Jul 9, 2001
I am a member of Apple's Learn and Earn Program and found the following in one of the cources.

"The former iBook product line offered a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM optical drive. These are also included in the new iBook product. Additionally, a DVD-ROM/CD-RW standard, preconfigured model is now available. Also, a CD/RW model is available through the Apple Store."

I thought this could help.


A small update to the iBook is certainly possible. The original iMac was updated just two months after its introduction, and it's been two and a half months after the new iBook's intro.


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May 29, 2001
First I thought this was all a huge load of rubbish, what I found concerning EOL iBook CD-RW as we know it. But...

Have a clear look on all that has been discussed in the past few weeks. There were many speculations about the Son of Pismo being introduced on MWNY. Well, it seems to me the rumors could prove right. My speculations are:

1. There will be three Powerbook ranges. iBook, Son of Pismo, TiBook

2. The iBook (consumer) will consist of a CD-only and a DVD version.

3. Son of Pismo will be a revised, new white iBook range. It will consist of the CD-RW version (formerly iBook dual USB CD-RW) and the combo version with CD-RW and DVD playback functionality. It will differentiate from the iBook range by a faster processor (though probably still a G3) and 100 Mhz bus speed. I am tempted to speak of a larger display as well.

4. TiBook will include a CD-RW DVD combo drive. If Apple is able to downsize the DVD writer it would be a huge change. Display sizes will remain, the closure might be available in different colours and it will still work with a G3. Giving it a G4 processor would make a fan necessary, which nobody would really like to see in the TiBook. Also, the G4 would have a far greater need for battery power and reduce mobile working time.

All in all we will have three mobile computing options. iBook, SoP and TiBook. At the same time the iBook would much better differentiante from the TiBook and, thus, no longer cannibalize Apple's TiBook sales.

Considering all this I am thankful to have my iBook CD-RW right here on my desk now. Because from MWNY on it will be much more expensive to opt for a mobile CD-RW option.



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Jun 7, 2001
"... Display sizes will remain, the closure might be available in different colours and it will still work with a G3. Giving it a G4 processor would make a fan necessary, which nobody would really like to see in the TiBook. Also, the G4 would have a far greater need for battery power and reduce mobile working time."


But the TiBook has already a G4...


... but if you run a TiBook to long you'll burn your finger trying to tur it off..


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May 4, 2001
Montgomery, AL USA
Son of Pismo?

They just canned their third installment into the desktop world. Do you actually think they will release a product that will suffer the same fate, or hurt TiBook sales?

Also, Steve isn't an idiot. You don't release to much hardware at one time. You flood the market, and confuse customers to which product they want, which cuts into the companies profits.

The SOP idea is old and tried. Apple is going to stick to their four system lineup, because they can't afford to take another loss like they did with the Cube.


Jun 4, 2000
Alexandria, VA
GPTurismo - I think your take on this is dead-on accurate. You make good points. I expect revisions to iMac and G4 towers. Period (as far as hardware).



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Jun 14, 2001
Austin, TX

I also agree. If all the revisions make their way to the stage at MWNY, might as well cancel the next MacWorld. Why would Stevie want to release all his new hardware and then have no "one more thing" at the next event. It would be too early for more major revisions. So I think new G4's and iMacs. Then later, major changes for the portables. Besides, the iBooks just came out. I doubt they would change them this soon. Maybe speed bumps etc. But nothing crazy.


I work for an Apple specialist. The iBook CD-RW is NOT discontinued. It is now a CTO (configure to order) item available only from the Apple Store or resellers designated as Apple Specialists (resellers who specialize in Apple, as compared to CompUSA, for example). Originally the combo model was CTO, but it's overwhelming success pushed Apple to "swap" it's designation with the CD-RW model.

BTW, they ALL rock.


G4 TiBook HAS A FAN...

It's a quiet one... but it is definitely there...

Sorry to say...



Re: G4 TiBook HAS A FAN...

Originally posted by SHazbot
It's a quiet one...

Hahahahah.... hoo...

That was funny.

It only turns on when it's needed, and, well, I guess it's never turned on for you. :)

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