New Xbox360 Game: Borderlands

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by killswitch1698, Oct 20, 2009.

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    I was bored the other day so I decided to flip through gamepro magazine. A few cool games out like AC2, and Final Fantasy; not bad games, but assassins creed gets kind of old after a while. Final Fantasy wasn't that bad of a game either, but they should have stopped at the first few releases.

    As I read the article about borderlands I was quite impressed by the graphics, and the references to Fallout3, WoW, and CoD4.
    Who doesn't love Fallout, WoW or CoD? It's the perfect blend of games!

    Anyway, the graphics I find pretty cool because of the comic-like feel it has.
    It's as if you took an anime cartoon and transformed it into 3d. Borderlands has World Of Warcraft's looting system; so items drop at random. As well as WoW's Experience system which with every kill rewards you with points to level up your character. Each Player chooses his own path (the article didn't say much about this). This can vary from a stealthy background to a character that goes in guns blazing. I really don't get the reference to CoD, but when you play this game you'll be thinking "Fallout".

    I'm Pretty sure its coming out in either a couple weeks or later next month. Oh this is so exciting, I can't wait!:D
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