New Xeons from Intel

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by fabriciom, Apr 11, 2013.

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    Buried in the story is the mention of Xeon E5 v2 ( Ivy Bridge -EP). Those probably would eventually be used in a Mac Pro. There is nothing "new" needed though since the Xeon E5 (version 1 , Sandy Bridge ) are already out and the v2 has been on a sliding timetable over last 6 months.

    I am kind of surprised there isn't a new Xeon E1 ( or Xeon E2 : something smaller than 3 ) brand to fit these new Atom sized server variants into. That may happen next year or two if the product takes off.

    But the processor that is the focus of the article is related to the recent story about HP's project Moonshot

    The connection for this processor to Apple is likely more so linked to that processor being used to populate parts of Apple's new set of data centers being rolled out. Apple buying this stuff not making/selling it.

    It is relevant in that it offsets the rather ungrounded rumors that Apple is going to nuke the x86 processors in the Mac to move to ARM solutions because Intel can't compete with ARM when it comes to low power servers. ROTFLMAO. yeah right.

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