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Jul 12, 2009
Was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions for where a good night out would be in New York? Me and my group of friends are going there for five nights from the 19th this month and we are all 21 so no problems with getting in (I hope! lol).

Iv heard some places, just like anywhere, can be very expensive for drinks in New York, and as we are students would look for something like The Garage and such from Glasgow, some where with good music, good atmosphere and reasonable prices! I know most of yous will not know The Garage, but to give u an idea its normally people aged 18 to late 20's, with 3 floors, one with pop and cheese, one with rock, indi and punkish and the 3rd with r&b. Drinks are about £1 - £2.50 for vodka, whiskey, rum with mixer and about £2 - £3 for beer, cider and such.

Thanks for any input,


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Dec 14, 2009
New York Night out - tourist

Weegrim, I know this is a bit late, but for anyone else looking for the hottest places to go, the best hotels, and more, you can visit

Keep in mind, it is under construction, as I just started this site last week.

Keep visiting as new places will be added!



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Jul 20, 2008
i personally dont like the night life in new york. Yes, there are tons and I'm sure you will have a blast but i find it is just way too expensive for what you get and the overall tone and mood of the people is pretty cold.

i like miami beach night life better because you can just chill on the beach and relax during the day. cant do that in nyc. and during the summer the clubs are not that hard to get in (as long as you do bottle service).

for best nightlife in ny (and anywhere for that matter)...i actually suggest to just pick a very few select places to check out at night and then do bottle service at those places. Chances are you wont get in non-bottle service if its just you and a bunch of dudes. Dont spread out your money with mediocre things. Basically why spend $10 dollars in 10 different spots vs $100 in one spot. (granted you can add a 0 to those figures for NYC haha).

and its the whole jacket thing and alot of clothes...hmm no.

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