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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by ppfd, Jul 16, 2014.

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    Have either of you tried the New Trent Airbender Pro? I bought one to try out for my son-in-law. I prefer a slimmer style but for a rugged case, it's actually very decent and I would recommend it.

    New Trent Rugged Keyboard - my review after trying it out:

    Design: The design of this keyboard case basically covers it all for a protective keyboard case. The case itself is a two part case with an included screen protector on the front cover which fits into a TPU protective back case. All the pieces come apart fairly easily for separation, if you want to just pick up the iPad and go. You can also set up the iPad totally separately on a flat surface and type away. The design is well thought out and covers pretty much everything you can think of. It provides great protection, offers a variety of viewing angles and 360 rotation of the iPad. However, there are a couple of things that could be better. The tab at the front of the keyboard that holds it closed is annoyingly placed and I end up rubbing my thumb on the tab when using the space bar It is easily remedied by tucking it under the keyboard when working on a flat surface such as a counter or desktop. When using the keyboard case on your lap, there is no way to keep the tab out of the way. Another issue is that when you are carrying the iPad and keyboard from one surface to another in the typing mode, you need to hold both the keyboard and iPad or it is unstable. It is fine if you fold it down in the regular carry mode.

    Set-up: The set up was easy. Took less than 5 minutes the first time, to clean my iPad and wipe everything dust free before assembling the iPad into the keyboard case. Also, the bluetooth pairing was very simple. I like that the pairing and on/off buttons are on the top of the keyboard. Also, the indicator lights are placed on top. This provides for easy viewing and simple use. The keyboard automatically pairs up again when you turn it from off to on.

    Quality: The keyboard case is made well with no manufacturing defects or flaws. All the holes align well. The included screen protector is actually very good - no loss of clarity and the feel for swiping is really decent. Initially, I thought the keyboard felt kind of cheap but after using it - it is the best compromise to making the whole keyboard/case not super heavy. The top iPad holder/protector is the heavy part of the case and the keyboard much lighter weight.

    Typing experience: The keyboard is well laid out with a full quewty layout along with a top row of function keys. The keys are chicklet style and have a good feel to them with good feedback for a nice typing experience.

    Overall this is a very decent, well thought out rugged/protective keyboard case. This keyboard case is great for use in a construction type or rough, dirty environment. It protects your iPad while making a for a laptop typing experience with your iPad.

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