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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by fitshaced, Nov 1, 2011.

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    Jul 2, 2011
    I'm going to New Zealand on Saturday for a few nights to do a bungee jump.

    Thought I'd make a request to the forum and ask you to build a list of things that I should shoot whilst there. Keep in mind that I will really only be in Queenstown.

    If you know the place then please add some ideas. If you dont know the place, please add anyway. It could make this trip much more adventurous.

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    Do it right..

    Step 1. Vehicle in possession, and ready to use for a week.
    Step 2. Drive out of Queensland and hit that beautiful open road.
    Step 3. Be spoiled with what alot of us are not able to witness other than in video and photo.
    Step 4. Return to macforums and post some pics for us to gawk at, and go you lucky sob.
    Step 5. Laugh at how fantastic and wonderful the wilderness of New Zealand and plan an even longer and bigger trip back.

    Edit: Oh
    An adventorous..
    Just litterally get out on the road and just start driving and wandering everywhere, litterally start walking down random alleys and random areas, Be in places you wouldnt expenct people to go...

    That is how i usually go out and enjoy what i can, being trapped in Texas USA really sucks, Specially when in middle of nowhere that has no color in the forests or anything and its dry horrid conditions..
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    Jul 2, 2011
    Thasnks guys but I've already got the plan to hike/drive etc. I really just want to get some ideas of things to shoot. I was going to use it as a challenge.

    Also, its Queenstown. Not Queensland.
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    Assuming you have limited time, which seems to be the case from your post this is what i would try for.

    Obviously take your camera for the bungy.

    Queenstown is in the shadow of the Remarkables. When you see that mountain range you will know why they are so named. As the sun goes down if you get your self a good spot you should get some nice shots.

    Next i would try and get up high. Seeing as Queenstown is a ski resort during the winterthats easy. I wont bother with details its easy to find your way. Just ask around in town, us Kiwis are pretty fridndly :)

    From the wharf in Queenstown its well worth taking the Earnslaw (sic?) across the lake. On the boat you will get sime different perspectives.

    From Queenstown there are a lot of great things to see. Arrowtown is close and worth a visit. Its an old Gold mine town with nice cafes and restaurants now.

    Over the hill you can get to Wanaka which is like a quieter version of Queenstown and is also on a lake.

    Going south there are the fiords, glaciers, more lakes, lots of mountains. Cant go wrong really. But i think you are right to try to be intentional and make a bit of a list especially with limited time. You cant see and capture every worth while thing but if you do some planning I think you will do better the just taking the drive and hope for the best.

    All the best
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    Jul 2, 2011
    Awesome Joel. Thanks very much
  7. Grey Beard, Nov 2, 2011
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    As Joel mentioned the boat across the lake is a trip in it's self. The TSS Earnslaw is an vintage Edwardian coal powered steamer of 1912. So it's nearly 100 years old. She is known as the Lady of the Lake, and has her own page on Wikipedia. As they note she had a cameo appearance as a river boat in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Lake Wakatipu on which she sails is fully land locked, so in the early 1900's she was broken down into numbered packages and brought in by rail where the reassembly at the lake took place.
    This is just one of the amazing stories from an area that I'd lived and worked for a number of years. If you can get a fixed wing or helicopter over to Milford Sound that is another world too.
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    Is this going to be you? :eek: :p Brave man!


    This was shot north of Queenstown.

    I was over in NZ earlier this year, you'll never run out of beautiful things to shoot.

    A few things I can think of:

    1) Get up early for the golden hour.
    As hard as it is, it pays off. If you're lucky you'll see magic happen with the clouds, mountains and water, it's amazing.

    2) Take a telephoto zoom, like a 70-200mm. You'll find yourself honing in on interesting details and light patterns on mountains as the clouds shift and reveal. A lot of interest lies far in the distance. Be sure to use a polariser as well to cut down on glare.
    I mounted my 12-24mm ultra-wide for about 3 shots out of thousands, telephoto is key, as is a regular zoom.

    3) Have a drive around behind Queenstown, towards Arrow town, some nice countryside. Drive up to mount Coronet. I can't remember taking any pictures in Arrow town, but it's a nice town, it reminds me of the tourist town Berry on the New South Wales South Coast.

    I thought I'd share a few pics from the area...

    Looking toward Mt Coronet:


    Driving towards Queenstown from Arrowtown:


    Down by the lake:
    Turn left after the first Maccas as you enter Queenstown from the north, you'll find a way down to the lake:


    Overlooking Queenstown:


    I'm guessing this is where you'll be jumping from?


    Your view as you scream your lungs out:

    A nice isolated location about an hour out of queenstown called Glenorchy and "Paradise" The drive is probably just as good as the final destination, I loved the windy drive along the water's edge, it almost doesn't feel like NZ anymore, almost like Queensland, some of the trees look tropical, yet you have the high pointy NZ surrounding you.


    Made this one just south of Queenstown, on the way to Milford.


    Hope that helps a bit, have a great time mate!
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    Jul 2, 2011
    Thanks guys, I knew this thread was a good idea.

    I'll report back next week with pics.... should I still be alive.
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    Good luck. Who knows... you may be a couple of inches taller next week... ;)
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    Holy crap that brings back memories! I miss New Zealand. I was there in 2009 and its my favorite place ever. I want to go back in the worst way (and I want to work there at Weta ;) ).

    To the OP, I know you are probably already there but if not do like others say, get out of Queenstown if you can, drive north to Milford Sound. Its amazing and the drive will leave you speechless. Lots of lens candy for your camera up there ;)
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    I bungied once. Boooooooring. :( While it was much harder to get off the platform than I'd anticipated (you don't get to hold onto anything unlike rappelling,) once I was over the edge it was a mild ride, not even as much adrenaline as a good roller coaster.

    My jump was 185' over dirt off a crane in a field in West Virginia. It was such a non-event that I decided to skip a discounted second trip. Since I outmassed everyone there, they changed the bungies right before my jump- which ratcheted up the worry factor a tad, but unless you don't do a lot of thrill sports or unless they let you go lower than most commercial folks, it's really just a ride. Do try for good style on the backflip if you go off that way though.

    I hope you get more out of it than I did.

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