Newb macbook questions: fan, squeaky space bar, screen

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by swingerofbirch, Oct 28, 2007.

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    I just bought a 2.16 Ghz white Macbook, 2 GB RAM, 160 GB HD. It's quite lovely, but I have a few questions. The keyboard is pretty good, but the space bar feels very limp and it makes a noticeable squeaking sound when I press it. I called AppleCare and they told me to bring it in to a store. I called the store to ask if they could fix the key there or if they would have to send it in, and they weren't too friendly and told me there was no way to know. I don't want to drive over an hour to the store just to find they'll just mail it in which I could just as easily do myself--not that I want to mail in a computer after having had it only three days. Has anyone else noticed a squeaky space bar? I keep thinking I'll just put up with it, but I don't know that I'll be able to.

    Second question: the fan is coming on a lot! Is that normal? I'm using it on a flat, solid surface (a coffee table).

    Third the screen has lots of flecks on it already--and I have been so careful not to have food around it. I've washed my hands before using it because I heard how the palm rests can get stained, and there has never been food or drink on the same table. The only thing I can think that the flecks are from is that I have had a cough, and I know this is gross, but that I have inadvertently been coughing saliva onto the screen. That's the only thing I can think of. I am leery of cleaning it, and might wait till I happen to be in an Apple store and ask a genius to clean it. I have a lingering thought that the flecks might already have been there--there was no cling film on the screen--should there have been? There was a piece of styrofoam like wrap between the keyboard and screen to protect it--but nothing adhered to the screen--I just wanted to ask if that's normally how it comes out of the retail box....I know I'm a bit paranoid--but with the squeaky key and the screen somewhat inexplicably dirty I get nervous that my machine might not have been brand new.

    All right, I know that's a lot of complaining, but everything else is quite good! Oh I guess I have to gripe as well about not having a wide viewing angle--great head on--but hard to share with friends--I guess that's par for the course for glossy screens? It's my first glossy, so not sure.
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    I don't have a MacBook myself, but I've heard dozens of people complaining about this issue, I would say it's "normal", but Apple can probably "fix" it. I can't really say if they are going to be able to fix it right on the Apple Retail Store, but it shouldn't be that hard.

    What apps are you running when this happens?

    The MacBook screen is really glossy. Dust, saliva, annoying people poking the screen (major pet peeve >.<!), etc will cause the screen to smudge. Don't be afraid to clean it. Use a soft, slightly wet cloth (an old, but clean, cotton shirt comes to mind; NO alcohol/Windex/or any other kind of cleaning agent not designed for that particular screen).

    Ahh, glossy looks cooler XD, so you get that over Matte.
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    Aug 14, 2007
    I also have a Macbook. I have noticed some of the same problems you have.

    My space key is not squeaky but I noticed yesterday that my F8 key made a very uncomfortable noise when you pushed it. Of course this made me push it more. After pushing it about 25 times :) the noise went away. I think I wore the key in, haha. You could try something similar with your space key, before you drive an hour to the store. The worst that can happen is you make it squeak more, in which case you were driving to the store anyway.

    Out of the box there is no protector adheared(sp) to the screen. Just the styrofoam you are talking about over the keyboard. I threw mine away like an idiot, you may want to keep yours and use it! It will keep the oil from your fingers off your screen when you close it, and keep the dust from your screen from getting in your keyboard.

    My screen attracts dust like CRAZY. I don't touch it, but everytime I open my screen there is new dust to be found, and I have two short haired dogs, who I thought didn't shed much, but EVERY time I use my computer I end up with dog hair on it.

    I use a screen cleaner on my screen and a very soft cloth designed to pick up dust..(I'm not sure where you can get these, I stole one from my parent's house.)

    I use "Monster screenclean" for my screen, it says it is ideal for LCDs and Plasma works really well, and takes the oil off my keyboard as well.

    My fans don't run very often, but I don't use heavy apps very often either.
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    Good question! And thanks for the helpful responses.

    Well I'm one of those people who just keeps opening apps, at the moment: Finder, Dashboard, Safari, iTunes, iPhoto, iCal, Pages, RealPlayer, iMovie, Textedit, Dictionary.

    So yeah, maybe running too many apps is part of the problem.
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    Get iStat Menus and install that. Set it up so it is displaying your CPU temperatures and then report back on that.
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    I now have had 5 macbooks only one had a fan issues and the rest were dead quiet.
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    Answer to Question #1

    Hey I also have a macbook and its rules but today I discovered similar problem. My spacebar was, I guess you could say, "soft" on one end. It did not have that crisp feeling as the other keys did. And, the spacebar being the most used key, it got extremely annoying. I became frustrated with the soft key, and I just simply kept pushing on the key repeatedly. To my amazement the key became crisp once again. I have no idea what caused it. Probably a piece of lint or dust or something. But it works now. Hope this helps :apple:

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