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    Jun 2, 2014
    Good Day All,
    I'm in the market for a MacBook Pro (Retina) base configuration, and I was wanting to upgrade my router at the same time, I am currently debating between the Air Port Express or the Air Port Extreme, I live in a medium sized apartment with a wall between my pc and my router, I don't edit hq video or pictures or any kind of gaming, I only watch YouTube videos, check email, watch Netflix, Only two devices will be getting Wi-Fi from the Airport (1)MacBook(2)Iphone5s And i don't need any additional features on the back of the Airport USB inputs etc... my question is :
    1.Does the Air Port Extreme has way more "Horsepower" then I need?
    2. should i upgrade the modem Time Warner sent me? (not that old)9 months old tops?
    Thank you all i appreciate everyone's tips/comments/expertise!
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    Jun 27, 2007
    You can return / exchange Apple products within certain number of days without restocking charge. Buy one and try it.
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    Jan 24, 2013
    One thing I know for sure: the Time Warner modem sucks. Having just been through the wars with them and being told that I shouldn't expect the full download speed advertised because the connection was "wireless" imaging my surprise (not) when a simple change to a decent router add over 40% throughput. Time Warner does not get a lot of good will from me.

    One man's opinion.

    Adam Rodman
  4. Pharmscott, Jun 13, 2014
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    Your 5s won't benefit from the faster 802.11ac speed and unless it's the latest model, neither will your MBP. It's a nice router, sure. But there are other choices that will meet your needs for less. Check out Cnet reviews.

    Edit: I just saw that you're buying a new MBP so it will have ac. Still, shop around. Good luck!

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