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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by phidelity, Jul 24, 2008.

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    Jul 18, 2008
    i am curious about how ram and cpu resources are managed in my machine.

    i have a g5 quad 2.5ghz with 8 gig or ecc ram, 10.4.11. i am using my machine for audio, primarily midi and softsynthes which get tracked then mixed. i am trying to find ways to manage my apps more efficiently. i am running cubase 4 and hitting the asio wall and therefore needing to increase my latency to avoid dropouts/ distortions. when i check the activity monitor it shows 5 gig ram free and that cubase is only accessing 5-600mb and the virtual memory shows approx 1.5g. the cpu monitor shows cubase as peaking at 200% cpu (i am assuming on my quad that 400% would be max). Question 1) -could someone explain any important details about what these stats mean or why the programs are only consuming that quantity of ram? is that all they need? and the audio processes are using cpu power and not requiring much ram?

    here are some things i have been told and if anyone could clarify or refute any of this info i would appreciate it.

    i was told that cpu resources allow for more softsynths and pluggins. more ram allows the samplers to load more samples and standalone apps to access the additional ram for their needs.

    i was also told that as of 10.4 apples will allow programs to access as much as 4 gig of ram. from what i understand this is automatic and there is no way to direct programs to take the max that is available to them.
    Question 2) (true/untrue?).

    if untrue then Question 3)
    what steps i can take to get cubase to "take over more ram/cpu power"?

    the other reason i am asking is this machine required a new cpu and a new power supply when i first got it so that has cast a doubt in my mind on the integrity of this machine. also i had to send back six pairs of ram before i got ram that would not crash this machine. the ram i returned was micron ram and crucial ram and a pair of kingston modules. each time i added more than two pairs of ram the machine would not be happy - kernal panics etc so i finally opted for kingston ecc ram 4* 2gigs in pairs. i also had the tech run tests after the repairs were done which came up solid but he only ran the tests with the apple ram not with more than 2 pairs installed.
    Question 4) is it possible that this machine could have other issues related to accessing all the ram? or cpu problems? if so what can i do to confirm/rule them out? fyi i have run apple hardware test and nothing comes up.

    thanks for you time
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    As I understand it Mac OS automatically allocates RAM to a particular process or program, and there is now way that it can be user-controlled, unless of course you are using an app such as Photoshop where you can allocate how much RAM you want under its preferences.
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