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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by netdog, Aug 31, 2006.

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    Feb 6, 2006

    I have loaded a DV camera tape of a wedding tape from a wedding into iMovie and capture four still as well and copied them to another iMovie project to make a small movie of them.

    * How do I render those still clips (which I have adjusted to the length I want) into a DV single clip?

    * How do I then make them the visual for my Menu Sceen in iDVD as my title sequence? Currently if I drag or share, it just shows as 4 items in the menu of iDVD if I share or drag and drop.

    * I take it that I cut the main footage for the DVD in iMovie? How do I then render that to make it my movie (once one has selected to play the movie off the menu, in this case X & Y'S WEDDING?

    I am really lost here
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    May 28, 2005
    You can mix still shots with video footage, and it will improve the video quality because then you won't have to re-import the still shots from the rendered movie
    Just drag them from where ever they are stored into the timeline on the bottom. To change the length, it's one of the photo settings. select the photo and mess with the settings under the photo "tab".
    drag the photo (or movie, if you'd rather) from where ever to the "background" well in the customize pane on iDVD. You can change the background image, sound, and more
    You're mizing up iDVD with iMovie. Just cut the footage in iMovie, so that when you hit play it plays how you want it to. Than, (I'm doing this from memory) go to export, and select the iDVD option. It will start up iDVD and make a new DVD project with your file. Alternatively, you can save the project and close iMovie, and then in iDVD, simply drag the iMovie project into iDVD and iDVD will convert it into the DVD format that it needs. Almost everything is drag and dropable in the iLife suit.
    Don't be.

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