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    I’m using Server 4.0.3

    Okay let me clarify, I’m a new server user and love to meddle with apple products and now I’m stuck.

    I just want to add calendar, contacts,mail, profile manager and host websites plus owncloud.

    I have a domain name with godaddy.

    I have a statc ip address

    My mac mini server at home is using the ipaddress (Under Networks Ethernet

    Now I set my host name on my server to my domain name

    I have 6 services reachable at

    When I click on details, it shows.
    Status: enabled
    External IP address:
    Public host name: None ( darkened)
    (when I click on refresh it shows “this server’s hostname resolves to an ip address that does not match this server.)

    Under My DNS
    Status Set your network DNS settings to to use this server

    Under Records
    Primary Zone: (machine) Zone: Mail/Ipaddress (mail exchanger) Zone: server: 10 (machine) Zone: ns1/Ipaddress (nameserver) Zone: (machine) Zone: ns2/Ipaddress (nameserver) Zone: (machine) Zone: www/Ipaddress (nameserver) Zone:

    Reverse zone (reverse mapping) resolve ipaddress /To: (Nameserver) Zone (Nameserver) Zone

    Under my godaddy settings

    Auto-Renew Standard: Off
    Extended: Off
    Nameservers NS69.DOMAINCONTROL.COM
    Forwarding Domain: Off
    DS Records 0 DS records created
    Host Names 3 hostnames created

    Under Zone file editor
    @ Points to
    Ns1 Points to
    Ns2 Points to

    Email points to
    ftp ponts to @
    www points to @

    Problem is I can’t get anything to work smoothly.

    I also do not understand a lot of internet jargons.

    I printed out almost all info I can find and still stuck.

    I know I've gone wrong somewhere but I do not know where? I google all the result and still stuck! Please help.

    i posted in apple discussion but no replies and hence decided to post here.
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    Hi, thanks for the reply.

    I feel way over my head yes, as i'm confused on how to setup my airport, my mac mini and godaddy.

    I'm fine to use any dns so long my mac mini works.

    I have a static ip registered with my ISP i have configured on my airport utility already. My mac uses a private ip

    I am not sure weather my address is being forwarded or not.

    I tried google the LMAP and MAMP but i feel even more confused.

    Yes my static address is not as i am not sure weather to expose my static IP. (that is how novice i am)

    I just wanna have a smooth webpage so i can log in to my server from outside and managed my devices, file sharing, VPN, websites and wiki for my small business. In addition, my router has clients logging in during the day.

    Really appreciate if i can have guidance. I have been reading forums after forums for the past few days.
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    Sounds like you're definitely having DNS issues. Getting your DNS setup correctly is probably the most important and difficult task in setting up a server. I would definitely spend some time learning up on the basics of DNS and how it works so you have a better idea of what it is you are setting up.

    On the Mini, you will want to make sure that the DNS service is enabled in and that it has a entry for your domain that points to it's private IP address. In Network Settings in System Preferences, make sure that you're set to use as your primary DNS server. This ensures the Mini can resolve its own domain name.

    On your Airport, you will want to configure DHCP so that it assigns the private IP address of your MacMini as DNS Server for any machines on your local network. This will allow machines on your local network to reach services on your mini locally via it's domain name.

    Also on your Airport, enable Default Host (called DMZ on other routers) and point it to the Private IP address of your Mini. This will forward all inbound internet traffic to your Mini and allow users to access services from the internet. Alternatively, you could enable forwarding only for the services you use. This is more advanced, but also a little more secure. If you have a modern Airport Extreme, should configure these forwards for you.

    Last, change your DNS settings on GoDaddy back to using their Name Servers and create an A record for '@' (the root domain) and point it at your static IP address from your ISP.

    That's how I would set it up. There are countless resources out there with information that might be able to help you. I really this guy's series of videos:
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    Jun 10, 2012
    That chap on youtube, Todd Olthoff (linked above) is very thorough, his videos helped me.
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    I have been using Todds videos on youtube to help me setup my office server since 2012, they are awesome!
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