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    probably been answered elsewhere but not sure what i'mlooking for so lpease forgive.

    recently made switch to mac. happy so far. but need to keep windows for a few games i want to keep and my work vpn is funny with macs. installed win 7 ultimate and parallels 8 today.

    i was under the impression that bootcamp set windows to look to the os x user files for documents, but it can't seem to do this. keeps saying need to format drive. do i need some different drivers, where do i find them. i keep seeing reference to icons to restart from win to os x and vis versa but can't find them.

    could anyone help. cheers
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    From Apple's support website

    If you’re using Boot Camp to use both OS X and Windows on your Mac computer, you can share data between your OS X and Windows partitions.

    When you’re using Windows, you can open and view files on the OS X partition. To modify a file, copy it to your Windows partition.

    If you can’t see your OS X partition when you’re using Windows, update Boot Camp.

    Upgrade Boot Camp

    When you’re using OS X, you can view and open files on your Windows partition. If the Windows partition uses the MS-DOS (FAT) format, you also can modify files on your Windows partition. Otherwise, copy a file to your OS X partition to modify it.
    To see the format for your Windows partition, select it in the Finder, choose File > Get Info, click the disclosure triangle next to General, and look at the Format field.

    You can format an external disk so you can use it with both OS X and Windows. For more information, open Disk Utility and search for “formatting a disk for Windows.”

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