Newbie Question Regarding DNS Serving and Hosting Websites

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Server, Xserve, and Networking' started by groove-agent, Feb 10, 2009.

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    Hey all,

    I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to DNS serving. I understand what DNS is and what it does, but haven't set up a DNS server myself.

    What inspired this post is the fact that the search engines can't index my website properly because my dns registrar (Godaddy), uses a frame to mask the forwarding of my website. As a result, Google can't pickup on it. The answer, is to properly host the site on a server.

    Now correct me if i'm wrong but if I buy OSX server, I can set up a DNS service so that when someone types in my domain name, it will directly go to my dns server where the website is hosted thereby avoiding the masking techniques?

    Sorry if this is a dumb question.
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    Well you could buy a server. But what you'd really need is to buy three or four servers and place them in well connect co-lo centers around the world. That would be rather expensive.

    I have set up DNS but typically the reason you do that is so that you have a local DNS server connected to your local 1000BaseT LAN so soo your local machines have a fast DNS server and also so there is a way to resolve names on the local network

    You best bet is to find a DNS server provider, one that allows you more control so you can put in your own A-records. There is no shortage of DNS companies

    And yes, I agree with the above A Mac OX is a very expensive why to build a low volume DNS server
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    Thanks for everyone's reply and input.

    I was simply thinking of buying a Mac and having them install OSX Leopard server on it. I'm not sure about what you mean about 3 or 4 servers placed around the world, or why I would want to do that. Obviously that's not within my means.

    Essentially I just want a name server that will redirect dns requests to the www machine on my network. So when someone types in, they will eventually be given the ip address of my name server, who will then give the address of the www machine. This way search engines wont be confused with typical masking techniques.

    I've played with OSX server a bit and looked at the DNS server settings although at this point, I'd have to get a book to understand it better. I'm considering BIND to save money on OSX server. Not to mention, I've been having problems getting my PhPBB working on a test machine OSX server already running pHp and mySQL. Installing a pre-made package of PhPBB/mySQL which seems to set up flawlessly on Leopard (non-server). So, in the end, I might just get a Mac with Leopard client and install/ start Bind, PhP, mySQL and PhPBB.

    Thanks again.
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    Be aware that some Internet Service Providers make a fuss if their customers run servers that generate a lot of traffic.
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    BIND is installed in every OSX server to act as the stub resolver.


    You want to go to a DNS provider though, because per best practices you should have a primary and a secondary authoritative server for your domain. Maintaining your own DNS servers for the purpose of hosting a single host name is not at all necessary. Find a suitable DNS provider, then contact your domain registrar and update the primary and secondary DNS records for your domain. This will update the TLD servers.
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