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Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by SMabille, Sep 23, 2010.

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    Sep 23, 2010

    I'm ordering my first iMac soon and have a few questions:
    I plan to use MacDrive and NTFS-3G to be able to read/write HFS and NTFS partition both under OS X and Win 7. I have several Windows applications that I'll carry over, probably running most of them in Parallels 6, Bootcamp for games. Have a big iTunes library. The Mac (as my PC for the moment) will be shared between several users.

    My questions:
    - If I open my BootCamp partition with Parallels 6 and install Parallels tools, what's the impact on the drivers, in particular graphic card? (what happen when I boot via Boot Camp, will I be using the ATI driver or a Parallel one and what's the impact on speed).
    - From my understanding the permissions on files/directories in OS X are limited to owner and a single group. How that translate/integrate with Windows where you can specify the permission for each users and groups when accessing NTFS/HFS partitions and under Parallels.
    - Same question with users account, how does that work under Parallels. Do I have two set of accounts (1 Windows, 1 OSX)?
    - In regards to partition size, should I put my data on HFS or Windows partitions? I suspect on the one most used for speed reason but again permissions might affect this.

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    It's treated like a docked notebook. Separate hardware configurations, one machine. You get full speed in Boot Camp, and as fast as it can go in your VM.

    You're on the right path. Where will the data be used.

    Yes, you have two sets of accounts. One in OS X and one in Parallels. Only way to avoid that is to be running Active Directory or some other Direcotry service both OSes support.

    What you are describing is the Unix/POSIX permissions level. OS X layers ACLs on top of this so you can do pretty much everything you have done in Windows. e.g.

    I don't know how these permissions are treated by MacDrive, etc...

    My $0.02: If you really want multi-user, multi-platrform file-level access control you may want to seriously consider abstracting things with a server. Even if it's just a NAS.

  3. SMabille thread starter macrumors newbie

    Sep 23, 2010
    Thanks for your reply...

    Beside iTunes (a bit chunk of data) that will probably be moved from day one, the rest is likely to slide from PC to Mac as I replace my software (when I find a better software on Mac). So I suspect I'll keep about 250Gb for my NTFS partition and the 1.75Gb left as HFS.

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