Newbie switcher Home folder question (yeah I know!)

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by riverdale, Sep 21, 2007.

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    Jun 3, 2007
    First, let me say I just switched last week and WOW, how much do I love my new 20" iMac? It is fantastic but that is a topic for another thread.

    So, yeah, I know seems like all the switchers have had a Home folder issue, so here is mine:

    After significant Home folder anxiety (see below) I am exploring all the customization tweaks that are available and I was looking at the Finder toolbar and adding various things to it, such as "new folder", "path", and "delete" icons. I suddenly noticed in the bottom right hand corner of the finder window that although "Desktop", "Applications", "Documents", "Movies", "Music", and "Pictures" (DADMMP) were there the Home folder itself was not there.

    Everything seems to be working correctly (iPhoto, etc.) although I am now afraid to restart my machine in case it reverts back to "Welcome to Mac, please setup an account" as though it is the first time I have powered up, with no picture, movie, music libraries etc. If I look in the Users folder, my Home folder is there, with the house icon, and all my DADMMP subfolders below it.

    So the question is how do I get my Home folder to show in the main finder window? I should note that along with the toolbar buttons I added, I have the default set of forward/back arrows, view, and details (?) buttons. However, right beside that in the toolbar is a greyed out question mark which wasn't there before I started messing around. I cannot recall if this question mark replaced something but if I click it a box pops up and says "The item cannot be found". If you look at the background info. below you will see why I am extra nervous. I should add I am set up as the admin account.

    Any and all advice is greatly appreciated, even if it is reiterating DON'T touch the *&@#$ folders OS X creates!

    Background Info:

    Right after I finished setting EVERYTHING up exactly how I wanted it, including, importing about 5000+ pics (we went digital in 2000 and have 3 kids so it is to be expected) into iphoto, itunes, email, web, etc. I thought to myself, now is a good time to back everyting up. I figured I would select my Home folder and drag it to my backup external hard drive. All I saw was the little cloud of dust as the Home folder vanished and did not appear on my backup drive.

    After about a day of reading various forums etc. I managed to get just about everything back although I (y still don't know what or why it happened. So of course I am now very gun shy about my Home folder and the best advice I have read is if OS X made the folder stay the heck away from it and don't touch it. However, I now have the above issue.
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    Jan 31, 2005
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    I assume you mean, how do you get your home folder to show up on the left hand sidebar of finder. Those are just shortcut, not the folder themselves, so if you remove it from there you aren't actually deleting anything.

    To put it back, go to Finder->Preferences->Sidebar, and check the Home checkbox.
  3. riverdale thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jun 3, 2007
    PERFECT! Exactly the info. I was looking for. I just tried it and there it is. Now that I know what is going on, I think I will leave it hidden - less chance to screw it up again, at least while I really get the hang of all this. It is hard to erase 20+ years of MS and to start over again the right way.

    Thanks again for your help, truly appreciated.

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