newbie to macbook (can it run windows?)

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by kenny1999, Jan 27, 2015.

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    hi, simple and quick question. I'm a newbie thinking about buying a macbook and I only have an iPhone 4S so far. I need a laptop for my work and home entertainment. I don't play any games or do any graphics work with this computer, but I will possibly want to run some freeware that are only available for PC because I don't think I will always pay for non-free software. I'd like to know if a macbook can work as a PC and install windows 7/8 and if it's legal ? I know about JailBreaking in iPhone, is running a PC or windows 7/8 environment on a macbook something alike that or if it's perfectly legal and allowed? I am working in somewhere where no any tricks or illegal activity is allowed.

    THank you very much
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    "You can run the Windows operating system on your Mac at native speed—without the performance penalty that comes with software emulation or "virtual machines."

    So, is Boot camp an emulation??
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    Bootcamp is not an emulation. The user chooses the Windows OS when he/she starts the computer.
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    Bootcamp partitions your drive and can install Windows on the second partition. This requires a restart every time you want to switch back and forth between OSX and Windows, but it does dedicate all of the hardware to either OS.

    Parallels or VM fusion are virtual machine options, emulators if you like. These can open a Windows desktop within OSX; so its a desktop on a desktop, can be minimized, closed, etc. Its more convenient if youre constantly switching between the two OSs, but your hardware resources will be split (i.e. Windows wont be able to utilize 100% of the hardware as some will always be dedicated to OSX running the emulator).

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