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    Just setup Apple TV and am currently playing TV shows purchased and dowloaded from my ipad in my ITunes account. I was wondering if there is alot of data usage when playing these purchased TV shows on my home internet service I have 95GB available per month. Is it correct to say that if they were purchased and stored on my ITunes account then are played via Apple TV they are not being streamed live? Not sure either way, need to be enlightened on this. Thanks for any info.

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    If they are in your local iTunes and you're playing from "Computers" on Apple TV, that traffic is just on your LAN, and won't count against your limits.

    If you're using the "Movies" or "TV Shows" apps on Apple TV, that streams over the internet.
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    Well after a few days of use it doesn't eat a ton of data when playing videos or tv shows saved on itunes. With normal internet use and a couple of shows around 1.8 - 2.4 GB each day, so with 95 GB on my home internet monthly were still under :)

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