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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Patch Adams, Oct 24, 2011.

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    Hi All

    I am new to mac and have a 2011 iMac. I also have an old 500gb time capsule.
    I have had it set up to run time machine but being a windows user I could not get my head around why the files on the time capsule weren't a carbon copy. It's off putting to see weird file formats that you cannot open and view.

    I had presumed Time machine acted almost like a raid system and would just copy my HD to it at regular intervals.

    Anyhow, I stopped using it and started storing movies on my TC instead.

    I've had a little rethink about backup and a little worry and I need to give Time machine another try so..

    Say I buy an external HD and store all my movies and TV shows on that (I am not concerned about backing these up)

    If I then run Time machine to store everything on the TC (both iMac and TC storage are 500gb) in the event of a crash of either disk will I still have all my data (primarily photos and home movies of the kids) safe? I guess I haven't been able to trust Time Machine because I didn't understand it before but are people generally supportive and confident in using it in this way without making manual carbon copies of everything?

    Cheers for now!
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    Just let Time Machine do it’s thing. It’ll be perfectly fine. You’re in Apple land now, meaning you don’t have to micromanage these things like so many are inclined to do in the Windows world.
    Remember, you can do a 100% complete reinstall directly from Time Machine in case of HD failure. So while browsing the HD with Finder might look a little strange, all your data is there. Just use the Time Machine app to browse through your files back in time.

    Word of advice, make sure that the Time Machine HD is larger than the drive you are looking to backup. So if your iMac’s is 500GB, get a 1TB drive for your Time Machine.
    You can exclude folders or entire drives from backing up to Time Machine, so in your case you could exclude your external HD containing your movies.
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    Oct 24, 2011

    I am also a new Mac user, and also have a Time Capsule. In a short while, I will have an external drive I will use to make a copy (clone, if you will) of my MacBook Pro. The reason is simple security, as the Time Machine could fail.

    I am a casual user (not a professional) so my interest is in 1. preserving my data, and 2. saving me trouble copying files from original CDs etc. As well, I have added a lot of stuff (photos and music) since my purchase for which I have no backup. They are all in my MBP and on the TC.

    I found it enormously useful to view the Apple instructional videos at as well as many, many youtube videos on use of Time Capsule. I have developed an appreciation, if not understanding, of how the TC with Time Machine will incrementally copy my stuff. I have used it, just to try it out. It works exactly as described.

    In fact, one of the reasons I consider myself a real convert to the Mac way of doing things is the extraordinarily simple way things work. It's more like non-engineers designed the systems (not intended as an insult to any engineers).

    I worked for the military for decades. We had an expression that simply stated, "make it soldier proof". Meaning that if a soldier could take the thing, whatever it was, to war and use it, the thing was OK. That mentality suits the Time Capsule as it has been a piece of cake to use.
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