Newertech Guardian Maxiumus/G-Safe/OWC for RAID 1?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by pjny, Apr 25, 2012.

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    I am interested in a RAID 1 solution and looking at the best value for money. I was looking at G-SAFE but saw these cheaper alternatives for Macbook Pro Lion 10.7.3(main computer) and a PC running Win 7 64 that I sometimes need to transfer files from. What do you think?

    Newer Technology 0GB Guardian MAXimus mini Quad Interface Hard Drive Array ($110, $85 at owc site sale, no drives but 2TB Hitachis 7K3000 are $169 each at Newegg so about $443)

    NewerTech Guardian MAXimus 2.0TB "Quad Interface" Hardware RAID-1 (Mirrored) Data Redundant Solution $414(2 seagate barracuda drives) - Don't like Seagate drives - had bad luck in the past

    OWC Mercury Elite Pro RAID 2.0TB Triple Interface Mirrored RAID $549 (2 x 2.0TB* Hitachi Deskstar™ 7K2000**)

    G-Technology 2TB G-SAFE External Hard Drive Array ($479, 2x2TB drive, RAID1 ) - What drives are used in G-SAFE? Are they enterprise class?

    Also what is this note in OWC site
    "NOTE: SoftRAID 4 is an OS X system program only. For PC use we highly suggest the Guardian MAXimus HardWare RAID-1 data redundant solutions." - Is guardian maxiumus only for PC?

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    The OWC Mercury Elite Pro RAID models use SoftRAID 4 to create a RAID 1 array. As SoftRAID 4 is software for OS X only, a PC would not be able to read the software. The primary function of the OWC Mercury Elite Pro RAID models is for RAID 0.

    On the other hand, the Guardian Maximus uses a hardware controller to create the RAID 1 array and as such can be used on both Macs and PCs alike.

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