Newish to iPhone - options for cloud use to maximize space?

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    Mar 30, 2017
    Hi everyone. I'm considering switching out my Android phone (currently personal use) for my iPhone (currently business use). It only has 16gb so I want to make sure it's feasible for my use before diving into it.

    For music:
    I read something about an Apple service for about $25 a year which would let iTunes check my current mp3's and add them to my account from their own library. And they would become something I could stream rather than having to keep on my device. Is that right?

    For photos:
    Can I set up iCloud to store photos online rather than on my phone (but still be able to view them)? Any other options/apps if not?

    *Out of curiosity: I have a few songs in my iTunes library that I purchased. If I select "remove from library" on my phone - can I get them back at a later point?

    Thanks. :)
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    Aug 31, 2011
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    That would be iTunes Match. And yes, you stream them. But there are alternatives. I use Google Play Music. My entire iTunes library and playlists sync with their service and I can stream the entire thing to my iPhone through their app. Well over 9GB and I have access to all of it with none of it on my device.

    Not sure it works that way. However, I ditched iCloud photos during iOS 6 so I may be incorrect. I use Dropbox, Google Drive and Box. All of which can upload your photos directly to those services. Dropbox can even do it in the background.

    If you purchased them through iTunes yes, you can redownload them. If you purchased them then ripped them to iTunes then you'd have to do that again if you delete them.
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    Mar 30, 2017
    Now that's an answer !! Thanks @eyoungren !!

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