Newly Hired Apple Systems Analysts with a few questions.

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    Hello everyone and thank you for stopping by!

    I recently was hired by a school Township as an Apple Systems Analysts, most of my knowledge is in windows management and I am looking to get a better grasp on everything Apple. I am currently going through the Townships current setup and I am noticing some interesting items, there are a few hundred machines joined to the existing Windows Active Directory Service and also joined to an Open Directory that is housed in a machine on premise. From my understanding, you would join a machine to both ADS and OD so you could authenticate through ADS and manage through OD. The machines have been managed using server 3.1 on OS X 10.7 with the use of Workgroup Manager. They would like for all of the systems (Servers and Client machines) to be updated, and I know as of right now Workgroup Manager is not officially support with OS X 10.10 and Server 4.1 (Source:OS X Server: Admin tools compatibility information) so is there a point to having an Open Directory? With the latest version of OS X Server is there a need to use anything else besides Profile Manager? Does Profile Manager require an Open Directory? If so why should I join my machines to both ADS and OD?

    Any additional information would be greatly appreciated, various different forums and articles do not seem to address these points directly in a way I understand.


    Mac mini, OS X Yosemite (10.10.3), OS X Server 4.1
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    AFAIK, you don't need OD to use Profile Manager. Of course, I didn't realize that when I upgraded our infrastructure and still have my Macs bound to both. Doesn't seem to matter either way.

    I will note that on Mavericks, Profile Manager is flaky. Sometimes it won't push out updated profiles when settings change, sometimes clients don't get the initial profile unless I install it manually, and sometimes instead of updating a client's profile it simply deletes it and removes all managed settings. Bit of a headache, to say the least.

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