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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by MacToddB, Jan 9, 2009.

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    Howdy folks!

    It's been a really busy time at CES... and I'm trying to keep up with my blog for iPhone Life Magazine ( but I had a couple of pieces of news specifically for iPhone developers that I promised I would post here:

    1) There is a petition you might want to sign. Some developers have been waiting THREE months to get their app approved, with little or no feedback from Apple. They have some really cool apps but the world can't download them. Here's the link:

    2) The G-Fi is a really cool piece of technology from Posimotion. It does two things. First, it is a portable (smaller than a deck of cards) self-contained WiFi router. Now it doesn't connect to the Internet like a traditional router, but it allows you to create a small network for LAN gaming, etc. So you can run certain network-enabled apps like Monopoly independent of the Internet. Neat idea. But it gets better. Their newest version adds GPS. So the iPod Touch and the original iPhone can have GPS functionality! Check it out at! They have their own apps and are looking for developers to use their device. They can even let developers publish apps using their account, for those who do not have an official $99 developer account with Apple. Contact Mark Rosch, 310-559-1632.

    3) Speaking of GPS apps, Navionics has an interesting set of tools. They offer GPS data but what sets them apart is they focus on water. After all, most of the earth is covered with it! So if you wanted to develop a fishing or sailing app, you could integrate their data with your app. You could know the depth, etc. for lakes and oceans. Pretty cool stuff. You can write apps that use their data without paying any royalties. Users would need to get the data from Navionics, so that's where they make their money. Check it out at

    Of course, if you contact any of the above vendors, please let them know that you heard about them from Todd at iPhone Life. Thanks!
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    Just wonderful, there are other apps rotting away in the app store approval process too. I guess, add these apps to TomTom, ActivMMS, Mobispine, ShopSavvy, and Opera Mobile. I'm so glad Apple are a bunch of honest and forthcoming businessmen. Sarcasm off.

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