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    I was looking through an Apple history site and came across the eMate 300/MessagePad 2100 and thought it would be perfect for school (what the eMate was meant for lol) and I wanted to go buy one. However, the both are pretty old now, and lacks USB/FireWire connectivity.

    Are there any modern alternatives to the Newton? I don't want a PDA because of it's lack of a keyboard or very tiny keyboard, not to mention lack of school-oriented software (word processor a biggie here)...

    A nice plus would be the ability to play Mp3s, but it's not required - that's what my future iPod Photo is for :p

    If it helps any, I'm a 10th grader taking algebra (advanced calculator would be nice) and need to be able to use it to jot down notes w/ stylus at very short notice - also a large writing area would be cool.

    Any recommendations/suggestions?

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    Jul 17, 2004
    Before my PowerBook, I used a Tungsten T with the fold-up keyboard. I also used Documents to Go, which is really a great piece of software.

    I took quick notes in the built in Memo pad, longer notes as Word files. Plus, there is a Notepad application that allows you to draw on the screen. Great for jotting down a quick note and then later entering it into Memo/Word. And I recorded homework in the ToDo list...

    There are I am sure calculators out there that can do what you want. I use something called "powerOne" which has all sorts of fun stuff to do. You can get it off of I think-- not sure, it has been a few years. Seeing as it is freeware I guess I could also just send you the file for it.

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