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Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by eric55lv, Dec 8, 2007.

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    Aug 5, 2007
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    So i just got a newton 2100 and many times i see many apps that i dont have anyone how to add more?(cnt get newton now to name apps its 11pm)
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    Jun 4, 2000
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    Do you have the interconnect cable that hooks your newton to a PC/Mac, if you dont you will need to buy one. This is the main way to install programs on the newton, there is other way's to do it, but you have to first use the interconnect cable to get the drivers and other support files on the newton to do so, i use wifi on my newton to install packages onto it instead of the interconnect cable. if you have one, and have a newer mac that lacks the serial ports to connect it to you will have no other choice but to buy those USB adapters that blake linked to. also it depends on what interconnect cable you have

    Also if you don't know, the newton MP 2100 is basically a upgraded newton MP 2000, they are identical in every way sept the 2000 has less ram.

    i paid only $14 shipped for the Lucent wavelan silver PCMCIA card on ebay for my newton. the driver for the wifi card is here. but before you install the wifi driver you have to install NIE 2.0 and its support packages. (the free unlocked driver is in the source code projects files)
    there is places that sell newton hardware accessories if you need them

    JKsales Newton section


    Gem Enterprises Newton section

    there is a few more i cant remember as of now, and then there is ebay.

    for software you can go here (if you didn't know already)

    the newton might be old, but it still can be useful for allot of things, like getting email, IRC chat, simple web surfing, note taking, and so on and it even can be used to serve a web site, simple GPS navigation and so on.

    it just depends on what you want to use it for. if you need more storage you can buy a PCMCIA linear flash card (the most i have seen is around 24mb in size) but they can sometimes be very expensive.

    a good place to join is to get help and info about all things newton. it uses your email like a forum.

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