newton prototype on ebay

Lil Chillbil

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Jan 30, 2012
8,000 american dollars and you could own a clear emate prototype on ebay this week its a clear prototype and I sorta with apple had stuck with it on the emate 300



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Oct 17, 2007
Fort Worth, TX
It may be nice and pretty, but I would rather have a Prototype Clear Case Newton 130 (I have owned several Clear Newton 110s) -- The Newton 130 has the backlit screen like that eMate. There are not many prototype Newton 130s around, it would be great to find one.

However, what I REALLLLY want is a Clear Case Prototype Macintosh Portable. Wow, I would pay really good money to have one of those. Yes, the large "luggable" Macintosh that ran on a lead acid battery, they made a few clear case prototype units that are extremely hard to find.

The clear PowerBooks are very cool too!
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