Next 5 things you'd buy...


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Oct 26, 2003
Cardiff, Wales
Just a bit of fun, why not list the next 5 computer related purchases you'd like to or going to buy. Here are mine:

  • SONY HandyCam HC22
    - I've been looking at DV Cams, and this is small and good quality, it's reasonably inexpensive.
  • KODAK C330
    - Our digital camera just broke, it was afterall nearly 4 years old though. It served us well but now my family has decided to go separate ways. Mum'll buy something a little more expensive I imagine, whereas I'm going to go for this 4MP 3x Optical simple camera.
  • SONY Ericsson K750i
    - My Phone contract just ran out so its time for a new one. I need to choose a phone and I'm leaning towards the K750i. Not only does it sync fully with iSync, but it plays MP3s (for when I don't have my iPod on me) and best of all has a fairly decent 2MP camera!
  • Canon PIXMA IP4000R
    - I've been looking for a Wireless printer (this is WiFi, not Bluetooth) for some time and I recently tried this one out in PC World. It's really fantastic quality (enough for me anyway) and is sleek in black. As people who know me will know, I HATE cables, having a wireless printer is perfect.
  • New iBook
    - When Apple decide to release the New iBooks, I'll be bloody happy. I wish ThinkSecret would stop reporting things, as I feel Apple is trying to destroy TS's credibility by reading its rumours and then doing the complete opposite. Whatever spec this may be, I want one.


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Jan 8, 2004
Back in the motherland
1. iPod 20GB color
Should arrive pretty soon. :)
2. Music
I constantly buy music, and since I always listen to it via my Mac... ;)
3. New cell phone
One that actually syncs with OS X
4. Some nice headphones
For use at home. Either some nice Grados or Sennheiser, we'll see.
5. D70 digicam
I've fallen in love with this one since I have seen it smoke my Canon digital elph.


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Mar 29, 2003
I'm thinking about several things. Some are far in the future, some are things I think about, but am not sure whether I will buy them.

1. Raptor HD
2. new display
3. Intel-based Mac laptop with PCMCIA-slot
4. PCMCIA DVB-T tuner
5. digital camcorder


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Jun 28, 2005
Brighton, UK
For My iBook:
  1. RAM for iBook (512 or 1gb)
  2. 8 Port USB Hub
  3. 14" iBook Sleeve
  4. Travellers Power Adapter Kit (Australia Next Year :))
  5. And another thing for my iBook which I havn't thought of yet . . .


EDIT: I totally forgot about RAM


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Mar 20, 2005
  • Altec Lansing fx6021 (still deliberating if they're worth it, I have a stereo but its kinda ugly and not 2.1)
  • Mousepad
  • 5G iPod 60GB

Err ... *blank look and smile*

There's my 5.


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Apr 21, 2003
washington dc
1. new laptop, probably powerbook. not the 17- too big
2. 30gig iPod color
3. the new klipsch iPod speaker set
4. nikon D2x ;) :D
5. out of ideas...

this assuming i could afford it all... :rolleyes:


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Jan 3, 2003
London, UK
New iBook
Within one month - 12" + 1GB DIMM

iWork and Omni Applications
Within one month - Two sets of applications I like using

250GB Firewire Hard Drive
2 months - Network Storage for music

SqueezeBox2 from SlimDevices
3 months - my CD player in the stereo is skipping, I could buy a new CD player like a nice Marantz or something, but why not move into the future? It also does streaming internet radio, and should be great for podcasts. Have to research if it integrates with iTunes and Bonjour though. I think it also plays AAC via server-side decompression, not client-side... however with a 250GB hard drive I will probably move towards Apple Lossless which it supports natively.

Mac Mini
End of year - Primary desktop system to replace the myriad various PCs lying around the house. I will migrate the Firewire HD and Slimserver to this box. Suppose I'd better get a Superdrive option too ... I will refactor the existing PCs into a single nice PC for gaming and the rare things I'll want to use Windows for.

iPod Mini or iPod Shuffle
End of year? - I want one, but to be honest I don't know if I need one.


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Jul 4, 2005
Yeah, you need one, definitely, no doubt, actually, you might need one right now.


Jun 18, 2004
SpaceMagic said:
Just a bit of fun, why not list the next 5 computer related purchases you'd like to or going to buy....
  • New HD for my iBook
    - I finally got round to taking it apart last night and removing the dud so now I've got to go out a find a replacement. I downloaded the instruction from this forums ages ago and for anyone who's planning to strip their iBook it's not as hard as you'd think. I'm a complete novice with hardware and had it apart in under 30mins., and putting it back should be even easier 'cause I've got more screws to choose from than the instructions call for, and a bit of wire, and to little metal bits......
  • Dictation Software
    - I need to get some to turn some spoken .wav files to text.
  • Photo Editor Software
    - I've only got GIMP at the moment and just can't get the hang of it. I need something a bit more basic.
  • Airport Card
    - I need an original for my iBook and then either an extreme for my iMac or a new wireless ADSL modem/router.
  • iPod
    - I like the idea but just know that I'll never get to use it as my comute to work is 5mins. and with a wife and kids I never have any spare time to go cycling/running anymore.


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Feb 22, 2005
Gah! Plymouth
1. 12" powerbook
2. dual 1.8 G5
3. HD for old powerbook
4. Monitor (not sure what to get)
5. iPod color
6. iPod shuffle

doing this all on august 13th :p. Go tax free day ><!


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Feb 2, 2005
Ann Arbor, Michigan
1. 12" iBook BTO w/ 60GB HD ($1016)
2. iPod Mini cuz its free!
3. 1GB RAM from 3rd Party ($150)
4. MS Office for Mac ($42)
5. Sleeve/bag for iBook (~$50)


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Jul 4, 2004
1. Rev. B Mac Mini (This Year)
2. MacTel Powerbook (Next Year)
3. Apple Bluetooth 2-Button Mouse (As soon as it comes out?????)
4. 6 Gig iPod Mini
5. Airport Extreme Base Station


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So you mean if I actually had the money???

1. 15" Powerbook for me (incl mini to give to my wife and daughter)
2. Digital Camera
3. Mac Mini for the household (the current iBook would go to my daughter)
4. Firewire enclosure
5. Firewire 400g HD

A good wish list is always nice to have around.


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Aug 13, 2004
Boise, ID
1. Airport Express
2. Dual Drive Firewire 800 enclosure
3. New stereo deck for my car to connenct my iPod
4. Shure E4s for my iPod
5. 80 GB iPod Video (as soon as it hits shelves)


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Mar 29, 2004
Boston, MA
dell 2405fpw (is already on its way)
powermac dual g5 2.3 GHz (this fall unless something better/cheaper comes up)
ups power backup
surge protector


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May 18, 2005
1. 12" Powerbook
2. 4GB iPod Mini
3. HP PSC-1610
4. MS Office Pro Mac edition
5. RadTech ScreensavRz
6. APC Notebook surge protector


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Aug 3, 2004
Jacksonville, FL
I can't reply to this topic. I'm a college student and I keep spending money on stuff for my car and computer. So, I'll relieve myself from dreaming, or just making myself plan on buying more things I don't need. hah

I want to know where Skubish is getting a copy of Office for Mac for only $42????


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Feb 10, 2004
1. iWork
2. 2gb/4gb Shuffle with screen, if one materializes
3. FW HDD enclosure (and a HDD to go with it)
4. Intel based mini
5. An XBox, maybe a 360 depending on price, release date, and actual backwards compatibility...


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Jul 4, 2005
Deepest Regions of Hell
  • Apple Bluetooth Mouse
    its nice to travel with
  • Cannon GL2
    if you are into filming you will know this camera...its a legend
  • Apple 23" Display
    it rules and you know it
  • A New Cell
    V551's can't sync for ****
  • New Skate Wheels
    dont you hate flat spots??


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Jul 3, 2004
Mac since 7.5
1. HD camcorder
2. Dual 2.7GHz Power Mac G5 w/4GB Crucial RAM, 2x400GB hdd, Nvidia 6800 GPU
3. Two Apple 20" displays
4. Elgato EyeTV 200
5. a really good projector

1. iLife '05
2. more AAA batteries for my BT mouse
3. iKlear
4. DVD-R media
5. a couple of songs from iTMS


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Feb 2, 2005
Ann Arbor, Michigan
rockandrule said:
I can't reply to this topic. I'm a college student and I keep spending money on stuff for my car and computer. So, I'll relieve myself from dreaming, or just making myself plan on buying more things I don't need. hah

I want to know where Skubish is getting a copy of Office for Mac for only $42????
University computer store. Actually all software is very cheap there.
Photoshop CS - $300 :) :)

Over Achiever

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Interesting Topic ...

1. External LCD for my Powerbook
I'd like to span my current 17" Powerbook across a second LCD ... I multitask a little too much. I'm looking at the Dell 2005FPW and the 2405FPW ... I'm leaning more towards the 20.1" screen as it's closer to the 100 dpi that the Powerbook has (99 as opposed to the 94 dpi of the 24") plus it's large enough to display two pages side by side in realtime, the 24" is probably overkill. Plus the rotatable and adjustable display, cheaper price, and multiple connectivity options are why I'd choose the Dell over the Cinema displays ... I'm waiting for the display to drop to $400-450 with coupons.

2. Digital Camera
My room is bare ... I've had to pass up countless photo opportunities because I didn't have a digital camera, so I've made due with the tiny camera on my cell phone (SE T610) The resolution on the cell phone is well ... not even 0.5 MP =/ I'm still searching for a good camera, I was leaning towards the Canon Powershot Elph series as they're compact with excellent picture quality, but the Fujifilm FinePix Z1 is rather intriguing.

3. Battery & DC-in Board
What? What's that doing here? Well my 17" powerbook is almost 2.5 years old (one of the first 10 here in the Cities ^^) and last weekend my HD failed. Took it into the Apple Store and they also discovered my DC-in was also starting to fail (the amber light circuit didn't exist, battery charging down) and my battery has also reached the end of it's life. I replaced the HD myself ... opening the laptop was a good experience. I know I can replace the DC-board on my own, so once that fails I'll do that, and when I go back to school I need to replace my ailing battery.

4. Scanner
Right now I have a fast Visioneer scanner (fast back in it's day) but it's PC only, so all my scans I have to go through Virtual PC, which is a pain. I'm looking forward to getting a Mac compatible scanner (don't know why I've made due for over two years) and I've been interested in the HP Scanjet 4670 ... it's the one with a clear and removable scan cover. It'd look good on my glasstop worksurface.

5. Dream Gadget
Something like the OQO ... pocketable, runs an OS natively, thumb keyboard. That is the ultimate in computing ... =)

Of course it'd be nice if it ran OS X ;)


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Top 5 things I'd buy

In the order that I will most likely acquire them:
1. Logitech MX1000 Laser Mouse
2. External HDD/External Inclosure with Int. HDD
3. 1gb Ram for my 15" Pb
4. DELL UltraSharp 2005FPW 20.1" Monitor
5. PS2 or Nintendo Rev.
6. PowerMac Rev. B with an Intel Chip (After college loans are paid off and I have a real job)


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Jan 6, 2004
Raleigh, NC
1. Either a PowerMac G5 or a PowerMacintel (probably a Macintel)
2. GPS Tracker for Geocaching
3. Either a Toyota Prius or a Honda Civic Hybrid
4. DV Camera
5. Nintendo Revolution

1. Mortgage payment
2. Credit Card payment
3. Property Taxes
4. Pay off my wife's engagement ring
5. Pay off my car (which is NOT a Toyota Prius or Honda Civic Hybrid :()


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Jun 17, 2005
  • Mac Mini, Rev B
  • Wireless access point/notebook card
    Actually I just bought these and they're being shipped. I plan on getting the Mini w/AE, necessitating an access point, and I figured as long as I'm doing that I may as well upgrade my laptop to wireless as well
  • KVM Switch
    IOGear GCS632U
  • Apple keyboard
    Considered the bluetooth one but I don't totally trust wireless input devices after some bad experiences with a wireless mouse. The wired one is cheap, and I wouldn't mind replacing it with that OLED keyboard everybody's talking about once they're released.. would be great if, when switching between the PC and the Mac, I could change the display on the Windows key to the Apple/command key, for example
  • miniStack
    Only if I find the Mini's HDD too slow or small. If I find I need more USB or firewire ports I'll also get an empty miniStack rather than an ordinary hub, because I might want to upgrade the HD later