Next Apple event. When?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Eldiablojoe, Jan 30, 2011.

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    Okay, we are getting closer and closer to the expected April iPad2 and the June iPhone5 launches. Soooooo, when is the next Apple event when these are likely to get announced? There should also be a much more detailed discussion of Lion.
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    We'll know about a week before it happens when Apple sends out the announcement. There aren't any pre-scheduled events as far as I know.

    There probably won't be any events announced until at least a week or two after the Verizon iPhone launch. Apple doesn't want to distract from the lines and sales numbers for that event.

    There are a few different things that Apple seems to be preparing to announce:

    - iPad 2
    - iOS 5 (No real rumors but iOS developer preview announcements tend to happen in March or April)
    - New iMacs
    - New Macbook Pros
    - OSX Lion

    I think that the iPad 2 will probably get its own press event, since the iOS events tend to be more developer oriented (who knows, maybe they'll combine them this year).

    It seems like there's enough stuff on the Mac side to call for at least a small scale press event at the Apple campus. We might not hear anything about Lion though until WWDC in June.
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    Macbook pros do not have to announced at the event. Apple has updated Macbook pros, iMacs, Mac mini, Cinema Displays and other hardwares in the past without having a press event.

    I expect Macbook pro to be updated without a press conference in Feb/March.

    I do expect Apple to host an iOS 5.0 Event for iPhone and iPad sometime in Mid March to announce iPad 2.

    iPhone 5 is reserved for WWDC 2011 along side with Mac OS Lion with potential upgrades on iMac and Macbook Air.

    iPad 2 will be most likely be released in April 2011.

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