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    So, the media hasn’t posted the link I found between the engineer and Apple. But the smart people already know all this and are already invested in Apple now they are just waiting for Apple to crack the code. But bear with me. Apple is working on their next trillion dollar invention. It’s new. The Apple phone was incredible for the Apple stock price because it was new. It’s not new anymore. It’s just a phone now and its competitors are just as good as the iphone.

    The Apple watch was great but it’s just a watch. Watches have been around forever, 100 or 200 years? I don’t know but forever. The Apple watch has capabilities but we have those capabilities on other devices

    However, Apple is working on a NEW product at the Israeli facility that is new and it’s not the iphone 8 which the media says they are working on there.

    Bear with me while I try to explain why this new product is worth more than a trillion dollars.

    So many people are interested in their health. They bought the fitbit because of their health and they want to track it. They do the Paleo Diet and they watch their carb intake or glucose intakes.

    Everyone who is health conscious wants to monitor their health if they could.

    They are working on multiple different modules that will constantly monitor your heath. They will plug into the Apple watch band.

    This is NEW just like the iphone was new and took Apple stock price soaring

    Each of the Apple watch modules will cost between $400-500 apiece. Add that to cost of the Apple watch. Now Apple is taking in big bucks from every user.

    Just like iPhone apps the Apple watch apps will be health related. Such as a parent at their work being able to monitor their young diabetic child’s health while they are in school. Blood sugar goes low they call the school nurse and ask them to deliver sugar to their child. The ideas are endless folks.


    I am an electrical engineer and a type 1 diabetics. I have always been curious about noninvasive blood glucose testing. 17 years ago when I was in college I was part of clinical study. The study was shooting either RF or infrared into my arm, then drawing blood from my artery. The device never came to market. It was a hard engineering/science problem. For years I would see how close the industry was to finding the solution.

    When I heard the Apple watch 3 would have glucose monitoring I was interested. I found this June 10th 2014 article. This Israeli Zeev Zalevsky stated he is close, it works, only a couple issues. He said 2-3 years a commercial product would be ready.

    Now it’s 2017 and I couldn’t find anything online associated with his product or name. What happened to Zeev? Where is the product? He said 2-3 years and now its 2-3 years later. It made me wonder. I thought to myself when did Tim Cook announce the Apple watch?

    Tim Cook announces Apple will create an Apple watch in September 2014

    That’s within 2+ months of the Zeev Zalevsky June 2014 article. I said that’s a coincidence. But I don’t believe in coincidences. There are no coincidence in life.

    I said to myself these two entities, Zeev Zalevsky and Apple must be linked. I spent several hours thinking how to determine if they are related or linked. I called a broker asking for advice. He didn’t know.

    Then I found the link.

    As of three weeks ago, July 11, 2017 the patent was issued. This patent is his 2014 article above. They are linked. Apple may have seen the June 2014 article and went to Zeev Zalevsky and said we will give you all the money needed to finish this up and we will make you and your cohorts worth hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars. That’s my guess but at that 2014 point Zeev Zalevsky went quiet for the last several years. The patent shows they are linked and Apple is the assignee.

    But in 2014 when Cook announced they will create an Apple watch. He knew Zeev was years away solving the problem. Apple knew they had a few years to perfect the Apple watch before the holy grail of an invention was ready for the Apple watch integration.

    Turns out Apple opened their new Israeli facility 15 minutes from where Zeev Zalevsky’s does his university work. It’s said that at this Apple Israeli facility they are working on the iphone 8. That’s hocus-pocus. They are working on the next trillion+ dollar invention.

    But I looked again at the 2014 article and said, oopps. This wont work. The laser and camera has to be on underside of the wrist. How could the apple watch be on the underside of the wrist?

    Hours later I found another patent. The band will be a modular, and the laser and camera package will be modular and snap in underneath at the underside of the wrist. They have the watch band specifically for this new product already patented. See where it shows segment 104? That’s where the laser/camera module will snap into.

    Now if I can final FDA PMA clinical we would be super close. If we can find the FDA pre-market approval clinical testing then we know Apple is close. However, Apple isn’t using the words glucose or diabetes in the patent, so the clinical testing online wouldn’t say that either. This is clandestine.

    How close is Apple to solving a decades old science problem? Maybe very close?

    Here is where it gets interesting.

    They are working on the holy grail of diagnostics. This is so big it’s going to make the iphone look like a small invention. This is way bigger than the iphone.

    People that don’t live in third world countries have the opportunity to watch their health on a daily basis and they do. We are very interested in health. The blood glucose monitoring has the interest of healthy people who are not diabetics. They want to see how that pizza affected their bodies. How the donut affect their bodies. Glucose is needed for brain function, energy and so many other things.

    We will be buying modular pieces. The Apple watch for $375-475 and the blood glucose package for another $400-$500 or more.

    This will be the first module of many to come as years go by.

    700 million iphone’s is use now. Say 80% of them buy this new high tech product. That’s 560 million. Now say 30% of the other smart phone users buy it. There are around another 1.5 billion users. So 30% of that number is 450 million. Now you have 1.01 billion Apple watch users that monitor their health.

    Now I haven’t even mentioned or added in the type1 or type 2 diabetics. There are 30 million type 1 and 370 million type 2 diabetics. There are hundreds of millions of people who have hypoglycemia without diabetes.

    All the fitbit bit type users will probably migrate over to this new device.

    1.01 Billion people x $900 bucks for Apple watch and one module equals about a $1 trillion in sales. This trillion will be accomplished over a shorter period then the iphone which is ten year old now. I suspect this new trillion will be made in 5-6 years.

    Today I asked three non-diabetics if they are interested in monitoring their blood glucose and all three said yes because they are always wondering about their blood glucose levels.

    Insurances might even cover the expense of the blood glucose monitoring.

    This will be so big for Apple if they can solve this engineering problem.
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    Yeah, I don't know what it's called I just know something big is on the horizon and it's new. We plug-in modules to monitor our health constantly is the new big thing. If there's a way to edit that thread I'll try to edit it and get iwatch out of there and put Apple Watch
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    I kind of already assumed they were working on such things.
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    Yes, of course, there are rumors out there of blood glucose monitoring. But find a rumor that says that these new modules are the next trillion dollar idea for Apple. Not sure peops see that yet
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    Nothing new here, really. Also, your estimations of how many people will wear the Apple Watch combined with different health "modules" are WAY to high. 1 billion people wearing an AW? Never. If this was a world where only Apple existed, ok. But other companies will jump ship too or are likely working on similar technologies right now.
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    It's known already that Apple have put large resources into health for the Apple Watch, so none of this is new to me either...
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    Well, what is new (to me) is the link to the Israeli research from 2014. The plot thickens.
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    TIFWIW, but my understanding is that the diagnostic modules will attach to your iPhone, not your watch.
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    Well, how many people in 2007 knew the growth that would be coming just a few years later? I am sure Apple by looking at that last patent has secured the way to monitor her blood sugar. So no other companies gonna be able to do it. It took decades to get to this point with a solution. So if Apple cracked the code that'll probably be the first module and it cannot be duplicated by other companies

    "The iPhone has changed Apple's business dramatically. iPhone sales have risen strongly over the years, from around 1.4 million iPhones sold in 2007 to more than 201 million units worldwide in 2016. In total, Apple has sold more than one billion iPhones worldwide from 2007 to 2016"
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    I am betting the cellular added to the new AW will be the next big thing for most, even though glucose monitoring will be great for some.

    Just check out the front page.

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